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Audi RS3 2021: New compact supercar from Audi

The beginning of 2021 will be the time when the next Audi RS3 can be driven, the most powerful and effective compact in the world thanks to its all-wheel drive and torque vector control.

With the new Audi A3’s market arrival plans slowed by the consequences of the coronavirus, Audi’s next moves in the compact strategy are beginning to be seen, focusing on the exciting illusion fueled by the ultra-performance S and RS variants, whose prototypes have already rolled. in search of the final adjustment of their chassis in the mythical old Nürburgring circuit.

Audi RS3 2021
Audi RS3 2021

That double bet on sportsmanship will serve to outperform each of his now rivals. Thus the radical Audi RS3 will once again become the top predator in the category, minimizing the importance of rivals such as the Mercedes A45 AMG and its 387 hp, and even the 421 of the hormonal S version, by comfortably exceeding 400 hp, a figure already present in the outgoing generation.


Some sources suggest that the 2.5 five-cylinder engine of the Audi RS3 could go up to 420 hp and there could even be an ultra-limited version with a spectacular 450 hp that, logically, should improve the acceleration figures and lower the 4 seconds in the acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h of the outgoing model. At the same time, improvements such as the particle filter or water injection should improve the figures for polluting gas emissions from the outgoing generation.

Audi RS3 2021
Audi RS3 2021

Many of the mechanical elements of the Audi RS3 will have a lot in common with the Audi TT RS, including the TFSI 2.5 five-cylinder engine or how its power is channeled to all four wheels, with a central multi-plate clutch and an S-Tronic double-clutch transmission and seven relations. A specific torque vector control system should give it an even more dynamic and efficient behavior, especially when the sport mode of the Drive Select regulator has been selected, with extended influence to the firmness of the steering, engine characteristics, sound and, if carries it, the adaptive suspension Magnetic Ride.

Audi RS3 2021
Audi RS3 2021

The image of the Audi RS3 generated by our illustrator quite fits a shocking reality, with the hood bulging to house the five-cylinder, a bumper with massive air intakes, a lower apron with great effect on the channeling of the aerodynamic flow, and some very widened wheel arches. More than one will appreciate in them inspiration from the mythical Quattro Coupé of the 80s or the no less evocative Lancia Delta «Deltona» and they will have the effect of allowing to accommodate wheels from 19 “, in addition to oversized brake discs to the new requirement already some powerful brake calipers quite possibly painted red.


Below the imposing Audi RS, 3 will be the Audi S3, fewer lies and could be defined as the representative of rational sportsmanship. It seems confirmed that its TFSI 2.0 can move around 315 hp of maximum power and could go up to more than 330 that the future Volkswagen Golf R already announces. This is 50% than the original Audi S3 and the 210 hp extracted of the legendary 1.8 Turbo engine with 5 valves per cylinder. Such a figure makes it significantly outperform its clearer rival, the 306-hp BMW M135 xDrive, although for now, we will have to wait to learn more about this sports car since its launch scheduled for June has been delayed.

Without achieving the visual power of the RS 3, the Audi S3 will not go unnoticed, as can be seen in the images of the car covered with camouflage in the gallery that accompanies this article, differentiated from the production models without camouflage. All-wheel drive optimized in its size and potential to send up to 100% of the available torque to the rear wheels, the XDS differential and the S-Tronic transmission will be common notes, as well as a sporty reinterpretation of the technological interior of the new generation Audi A3.

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