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Aznom Palladium: That fuses a limousine with an SUV

The exclusive Aznom Palladium debuts, a unique work signed by the house of Monza, Italy, which combines the performance and habitability of a luxury saloon with the capacity of an SUV. An extravagant concept that continues with the new SUV sedan format, with a powerful engine with more than 700 hp.

It is a one-off, a unique collector’s item, and of which only 10 units will be produced in the Italian bodybuilder’s workshops. The Aznom Palladium follows the same format released by the Mercedes-Maybach Vision Ultimate Luxury, that of the sedans converted into SUVs, but taking luxury to its maximum expression.

Because the Palladium is a faithful reflection of the name chosen by Aznom, a mammoth model that measures no less than six meters in length and almost 2 meters in height, measurements that we detail below, so more than a saloon, it is actually of a conventional four-door limousine, and with a certain sporty look, with big rear shoulders.

Aznom Palladium

The Aznom Palladium, an almost unrecognizable RAM 1500-based one-off

Aznom acknowledges that, once again, it has used the RAM 1500 as a base for this new creation, with a long front hood and a front view with a multi-bar grille, slightly offset forward and accompanied by slim, rectangular LED headlights that are reminiscent of Rolls-Royce headlight clusters over the bill.

Mounted on large 22-inch alloy wheels, the most curious thing is the shape of the rear volume, which progressively descends, covering the cargo box of the American pick-up. And this is where precisely those from Aznom have integrated the most curious solution for the trunk, using a drawer that can be removed from the back. This panel features the bodybuilder’s emblem and a thin strip at the top that acts as a light cluster.

Aznom Palladium

The interior, including the dashboard, has also been inherited from the RAM model, albeit renovated and completely covered in leather and wood. The rear sofa with two minibars housed under the armrests is striking, and the touch screen to access different comfort settings.

The manufacturer has also confirmed the technical specifications of the powerful engine that is housed on the front axle. An immense 5.7-liter HEMI V8 Biturbo petrol engine that develops a maximum power of 710 hp and 950 Nm of torque, huge figures that offer much more than enough performance, which you can see below.

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