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BMW X8 2021: New details and new photos

With practically the entire range of renewed combustion models and the German brand focused on developing new versions of sustainable mobility, today we present you with a preview of the design of what will be the most luxurious SUV in the range, the new BMW X8. Expected for 2021, we can also give you some brushstrokes of what it will offer.

The new BMW X8 will arrive in the second half of 2021, starting its commercialization in the first months of 2022. For now, it will be the model that will put the icing on the offer of the Munich manufacturer, and this time for real because, although The same was indeed said with the X7, the truth is that this imposing seven-seater model lacked its corresponding sportier variant.

More Powerfull

And it is that those of Munich do not want to leave any series “unpaired”, which is respectable but ends up becoming a cycle without end. The model already has a production green light, and also has the project code of G09, but to date, not a single spy photo has been seen, an indication that BMW jealously guards one of the most luxurious models in the world. market.

The new BMW X8 will not follow the same design pattern as other even-numbered SUVs. Not like the X4 or X6, but its roofline and side surface will follow the style printed on the X2 more, according to our sources and based on which we have made a new recreation, which they have baptized as a “full-scale X2”.

Sharp headlights and the new design of the pair of kidneys that debut with the new generation of the 4 Series, narrower, and more vertical extending to the lower edge of the bumper, will be the hallmarks of this new sports SUV. Inside, two rows of seats with five seats or a 2 + 2-seater distribution will be offered. Two authentic armchairs with the best leather upholstery and ample space for the legs in the rear seats.

Loaded with technology, the range of mechanics will be as short as it is exclusive since all are based on the experience of M Performance: the access version will be a plug-in hybrid, the M45e xDrive, and will be followed by a gasoline option, the X8 M50i xDrive. with the powerful eight-cylinder engine in V and 4.4 liters Biturbo, of the current X5 M, among other models – and that will add 48 Volt technology.

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