Citroen C1 2021: Facelift & New Details

The  Citroen C1  is the smallest urban compact produced by the French manufacturer. The new generation takes over from a ‘best-seller’ of which more than 780,000 units have been sold since its launch in June 2005. This new model optimistically responds to the new needs in urban mobility.  It is marketed in three- and five-door versions, as well as a convertible variant named ‘Airscape’.

The Citroen C1 is the result of the ‘B-Zero Project’ shared by the PSA Group in conjunction with the Japanese manufacturer Toyota. The model has been manufactured since 2005 in the Czech Republic and is marketed under the Peugeot, Citroen, and Toyota brands. The three models are practically identical, except for details in exterior design, equipment, and interior upholstery.

The Citroen C1 is characterized on its exterior by adopting a silhouette with a very energetic design and a casual front, highlighted by the original shape of its headlights. Versions with two-tone bodywork and colorful interiors convey an optimistic and cheerful image. His style attracts attention from the first moment. Round headlamp headlamps complement the exterior design, complemented by the vertical design of the LED daytime running lights.

Citroen C1 2021

The rear maintains a dynamic look, thanks to the glass tailgate and the square-shaped tail lights, which create a three-dimensional effect. The Citroen C1 has a wide palette of available colors, as well as the possibility of equipping a two-tone body. The ‘Airscape’ convertible version offers the possibility of mounting the hood in contrast to the exterior paint of the body. 

Citroen C1 2021 Interior

Inside, the Citroen C1  surprises with a cheerful atmosphere and full of color. It has a clean and well-structured design. The dashboard incorporates touches of color in the multimedia screen, in the trims of the air outlets, and the base of the gear lever. The door panels, decorated in the same tone as the body, complete the interior customization. Ease of use and simplicity is another of the Citroen C1’s strengths.

Citroen C1 2021

It has numerous storage compartments scattered throughout the cabin, including cup holders and a closed glove compartment. Its 196-liter boot has details like a rear tray that folds down when the tailgate is opened. Its volume reaches 780 liters if the rear seats are folded.

Also, the Citroen C1 can incorporate equipment such as automatic air conditioning, heated seats, and, in the three-door version, the memory of the position of the front seats. Capable of carrying up to four adults, it offers ample space in both the front and rear seats. This is because it has compact dimensions in both its three-door and five-door bodywork. In this way, it maintains the qualities of a multi-purpose urban vehicle, being one of the most compact models on the market.

New Engine

Its dimensions give it great agility and ease of maneuvering, with an optimal turning radius and electrically assisted steering. Its maneuverability allows it to overcome any urban obstacle with ease. The Citroen C1 has only two petrol engines: the ‘e-VTi 68’ engine with five-speed manual gearbox (also available with the ETG piloted gearbox), and the ‘VTi 82’ engine of the family ‘ PureTech ‘. Both engines are enough for him to move around the city and on the road, he has a more than correct answer.

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