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BMW M2 2021: New Engine & New Face

These first recreations bring us closer to the design of the new generation of the BMW M2, which is supposed to be launched the next year 2021. These renders have been created using features from some of the latest releases from the Munich firm, such as the M235i Gran. Coupe or the M8 Competition.

The current BMW M2 F87 is one of the favorite models of the most staunch fans of the German brand. Sometimes compared to the legendary BMW M3 E30, the combination of the size and weight of the compact coupe with its brilliant and powerful 6-cylinder engine, make the M2 one of the most fun to drive models in the catalog from the Munich firm.

BMW M2 2021
BMW M2 2021

Currently on sale only in its most powerful and radical versions, the BMW M2 Competition and BMW M2 CS, the German compact sports car is already facing its last stage of commercial life. Series 2 of BMW is being updated precisely right now. The Active Tourer minivan variant is about to receive a new generation and the conventional range has just released the sedan body variant, the new BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe. After these, the rest of the versions will be replaced, including the future M2.

BMW M2 2021
BMW M2 2021

At the moment we have not seen any prototype of this new two-door variant on the street, but it is expected that the Series 2 Coupé will have a new generation and that it will maintain the same front engine and rear-wheel drive scheme as the current model. The arrival of this body variant should take place next year, so the M2 version should not be presented until the following year, already in 2021.

BMW M2 2021 Engine

As for its mechanics, it is most likely that this new generation will continue to use a 6-cylinder in-line engine, such as the S58 block that will be used by the new generations of the BMW M3 and BMW M4 and that we can already find in the BMW X3M and BMW X4M. Although under the hood of the next BMW M2 it should have a power figure slightly lower than the 480 and 510 hp that this mechanic currently delivers. So a power figure of around 450 horses will be expected, an identical figure to that delivered by the BMW M2 CS that we can still find in dealerships.

As we can see in the Instagram post inserted above, these first renders have been prepared by the independent designer @ zer.o.wt and have been originally published on the website. These recreations are not based on prototypes, as usual, but have been made using features of other existing models, such as the current BMW M2 F87 itself, the new BMW M235i Gran Coupe, and some details borrowed from the BMW M8.

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