Honda Civic Type R 2022: Hybrid engine of 400 hp?

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  • The new generation of Honda Civic Type R is currently being prepared behind the scenes. It is said that it could benefit from 400 hybrid hp.

There is still some time for the new generation of the Honda Civic Type R to see the light, with a debut planned for spring 2021 . A few weeks ago, the American division of the Japanese manufacturer revealed the traits of the next generation of Civic US, in the form of a shower very close to industrialization. A model which, once is not customary, should be almost similar to the European variant, expected at the end of 2021, and therefore to the eagerly awaited Type R.

Last May, the Nürburgring circuit welcomed a Honda Civic Type R on its track. So far, nothing more normal, since the compact is often illustrated there. In 2017, it notably won the lap record in its category, before being delighted two years later by the Renault Mégane RS Trophy-R. But this somewhat particular Civic sported an unprecedented silhouette, under its imposing camouflage, since it was neither more nor less than the prototype of the next generation of a sports car, expected in 2022.

An a typical profile

Despite all the precautions taken to guarantee his anonymity, it was easy to detect in his profile a clear break with the previous generations of Honda Civic. The prototype presented an atypical two-and-a-half-volume architecture (almost a sedan), in contradiction with the compact silhouette of the current one. Until now, only the American Civic , very different from ours, sported this type of body. But it seems that the rationalization measures undertaken by Honda are pushing the latter to develop a vehicle with a global vocation, for this next opus.

Honda Civic Type R 2022
Honda Civic Type R 2022

This is why the design of the Honda Civic Prototype, officially revealed in mid-November, probably reveals a style very close to the European version. Except that it should probably reduce its rear overhang, so as not to stray too far from the average size of Volkswagen Golfs and other Peugeot 308s, its all-designated rivals. 

Honda Civic Type R Assembly in the USA

Another clue suggests that this European Civic will approach the US model. Since 2019, we know that Honda plans to close the historic production site of the Civic, in Swindon, Great Britain, by 2021. Either at the very moment when the current generation will end their career. The one who will succeed him will be asked to migrate to the United States to be assembled there, to reduce costs.

4 wheels driving?

Therefore, our illustration of the future Civic Type R gives a precise idea of ​​what the final model could look like. Wiser than usual, on the design side, it should however run wild under the hood, with an engine that is rumored to be around 400 hp. To achieve this, the bomb should resort to a rechargeable hybridization that will allow it to enjoy a 4-wheel drive, thanks to the provision of one or more electric motors on the rear axle. A great program that should start to thrill the Mégane RS. Is the Frenchwoman about to lose her throne?

Launched in 2022, the future Honda Civic Type R should, unfortunately, increase its prices considerably. The introduction of plug-in hybridization would increase its entry ticket from € 44,920 to a price of around € 60,000.

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