Nissan Navara 2021: New off-road style PRO-4X version

The renewed Nissan Navara 2021 is presented globally with a heavily modified design, a reinforced frame, a list of equipment with many new features, and even a new off-road sports version of the character, the new Nissan Navara PRO-4X.

We knew that the new 2021 Nissan Navara was about to be presented and we had even already seen some naked units of the renewed Japanese mid-size pick-up. However, that has not prevented the presentation of this update, the first major renewal of the model since it was presented in 2014, has had many new features and even some surprises.

Nissan Navara 2021

The most obvious novelty is the premiere of a new sports version that seems to have been developed expressly to compete with the off-road versions of models such as the Ford Ranger, the new Nissan Navara PRO-4X, although for now, the company has not revealed too many specifications of this new model, which we will talk about in more detail later.

Nissan Navara 2021 Design

At the design level, we find the changes that we already knew, since the unit that was leaked several weeks ago already showed this news. Although these first official images show us copies of high and very well equipped versions, so their appearance is very different from that shown by the said leak.

Nissan Navara 2021

In the front area, we find a much more elaborate and aggressive design front, with a new grille and square optics with distinctive LED graphics. The bumper has large side openings as air intakes that give it a more sporty design, especially in the case of the new Navara PRO-4X. On the sides, we do not find major changes, except for the new sets of rims. In the rear area, the biggest novelty is the optics, which have a new internal layout.

In the interior, we will not find aesthetic changes, even though some prototypes of the model had a new dashboard and with a more careful and technological aspect. We will have to wait for the presentation of the Frontier in the US to see if it mounts said dashboard or not. In any case, the occupants of the new Navara 2021 will find an interior with more equipment and quieter, as the company has confirmed that it has improved the soundproofing and insulation of the cabin. For now, we cannot confirm it, but surely the huge central screen will include the latest multimedia advances and applications of the company.

Nissan Navara 2021
Nissan Navara 2021

At a technical level, we cannot confirm the changes, as the company has not disclosed the specifications of the new model in any of the markets where it has been presented. For the first time in several years, the Nissan Navara and the Nissan Frontier share a body again. So for the model that is sold in North America, this will not be a simple update, but a complete generational change, since the previous generation D40 of the model was still marketed there. The only technical data revealed by the company focuses on the incorporation of a reinforced rear axle and the premiere of new safety systems, such as the frontal collision alert, the emergency braking system, or the Intelligent Around View system. Monitor, which uses 4 cameras to keep up with everything that happens and is approaching around the vehicle.

Navara PRO-4X

The most outstanding novelty of this presentation is the premiere of the new Navara PRO-4X version. A variant with a sporty appearance and a marked off-road character that will be marketed as a package and that is named after the version of the same name that the 2020 Frontier already enjoys in North America. In the absence of knowing its specifications, it promises to be the future rival of models like the Ford Ranger FX2. This version has a more aggressive look thanks to various exterior accessories, such as the new black grille, the lower guards with red accents, and the new 17-inch black wheels shod with gravel tires.

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