Porsche Macan 2021: The First Info & Photos

Porsche is already working hard on the development of what will be the second generation of its popular SUV. The Porsche Macan will be brought up to date with a comprehensive renovation that will bring with it very important new features such as an electric version. These are the first spy photos of the new Macan that will debut in 2021.

Upgrade. After a series of investigations and access to new reports, we have been able to verify that the test vehicle that we can see in these spy photos is a second “facelift” for the first generation of the Macan that will allow it to extend its commercial life even more.

The first generation of the Porsche Macan received its mid-cycle update in the second half of 2018. It was a major facelift to bring this relevant Porsche model up to date. And is that, the Macan can boast of agglutinating a large part of the sales of the German firm. That is why any type of change that you want to introduce in its range generates a lot of attention.

At the beginning of last year, the big news broke. Porsche itself confirmed that the next generation of the Macan would bet on electrification at the highest level. That’s right, the Porsche Macan will become an electric car with the generational change. A generation change that is already underway. The Stuttgart manufacturer has started the development of the second generation of the Macan.

The spy photos that accompany this article show us a test mule of the next Macan. Although the commitment to electrification will be the greatest novelty that occurs with the generational change of the Macan, this does not mean that said SUV will leave aside the internal combustion engines. It will still be possible to buy a Macan with a gasoline engine.

The project is in an early stage, so it will take time for a prototype with the final bodywork of the new Macan to make an appearance. If we pay attention to these photographs we will realize that in the lower part of the door panels as well as in the rear and the front there are certain modifications typical of a test vehicle of this nature.

Although the engines will continue to be available, electrification will be the main protagonist. And we must not rule out the possibility that Porsche opts for light hybrid technology to make its mechanics more efficient. Like the plug-in hybrid versions, which are a hit in the German manufacturer’s range.

The electric version of the Porsche Macan

With the arrival of the all-electric Macan, Porsche will introduce a plug-in car to its range capable of garnering much higher sales volumes than the current Porsche Taycan. Although it will be a luxury product, its volume of registrations will be higher. It will be the first model of the company to make use of the PPE (Premium Platform Electric) platform, an architecture designed for high-end electric vehicles.

Introducing the new Porsche Macan

When is the next generation Macan expected to be introduced? The debut of the second generation of the Macan is scheduled for sometime in the second half of next year. Therefore, it will be introduced in 2021 as a 2022 model. It remains to be seen if the electric version will be introduced later. The brand itself has confirmed that the electric Macan will hit the market in 2022.