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Land Rover Discovery 2021: más eficiente

The new Land Rover Discovery has burst onto the scene loaded with important novelties. The popular Land Rover SUV becomes a more efficient, connected, and comfortable model. To all this, we must add a change of image and the arrival of new and interesting equipment.

Land Rover has introduced into society the long-awaited tuning of one of its most familiar roads. The new Land Rover Discovery 2021 is already a reality and comes loaded with very important news. An update that follows in the wake of the new models introduced by the British manufacturer over the past few weeks. Most of the range has been revised.

The New Discovery must adapt to the New Times. A time when electrification and connectivity are gaining ground. That is why much of the changes and improvements that Land Rover has made are aimed at these two fields. All this without losing sight of the aesthetic aspect and the other fields that are equally relevant. Now, let’s go aside and break down the most important news.

Land Rover Discovery 2021
Land Rover Discovery 2021

The design of the new Land Rover Discovery 2021

How has the design of Discovery changed? Just take a quick look at the images accompanying this article to find out what the exterior appearance of the British SUV has changed into. Let’s put the crosshairs on the front. See the new exclusive optical groups with LED technology. It also has dynamic turn signals.

The front bumper has been redesigned and is combined with new side gills. In the rear, we have exclusive LED taillights that are joined by a new panel in Gloss Black.

As far as the new R-Dynamic version of Discovery 2021 is concerned, it sports several distinctive and unique features. For the exterior, it has various details in Gloss Black and Shadow Atlas. Also, for the passenger compartment, this version brings with it a bitono leather upholstery with the stitching of the seats inside.

Land Rover Discovery 2021

Land Rover Discovery 2021 Interior

Leaving aside the outside, if we venture inside the New Discovery we will be enveloped by an environment in which luxury, comfort, and warmth are breathed. Land Rover has made numerous improvements. Especially in terms of technology. The center console has been completely redesigned to accommodate the New Pivi Pro infotainment system.

It sports a new 11.4-inch Full HD touch screen. Connectivity has been increased. The New Discovery uses two SIM technology, also equipped with two LTE modems. This makes it possible to receive multimedia content and download update with the wireless software. On the digital instrument panel, there is a 12.3-inch display. Also, and if that were not enough, in the list of optional there is a color Head-Up Display (HUD).

Land Rover Discovery 2021

As with the latest Land Rover Launches, The New Discovery features PM2.5 air filtering technology to improve the quality of air breathed on board this vehicle. Other equipment details that are equally interesting as they are very practical are, for example, the tablet holders built into the backrests of the front seats, USB Type-A connections, and the tailgate with optional gesture control.

The second-row seats have been redesigned specifically to offer more comfort to passengers. The side support has been improved and the padding has a greater thickness. Recall that the Discovery can accommodate up to seven adult passengers inside. The second generation of Activity Key technology is also available.

The engine range of the new Land Rover Discovery 2021

And what about the mechanical offer? The New Discovery is committed to electrification to reduce both emissions and fuel consumption. Land Rover’S revamped SUV is available alongside three new Ingenium six-cylinder, petrol, and diesel engines. All of them with 48-volt Mild Hybrid technology. These new blocks are available alongside an Ingenium P300 four-cylinder petrol engine and a new intelligent all-wheel-drive system.

There is no possibility of manual shifting, only an eight-speed automatic gearbox is offered. All engines of the New Discovery with Ingenium six-cylinder engine feature a transmission that optimizes torque between the front and rear axles. The new intelligent all-wheel-drive system maximizes traction, as well as improves road dynamics and transmission efficiency to improve fuel consumption figures as well as CO2 emissions.

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