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Ferrari Purosangue: Does it deserve the praise?

The Ferrari Purosangue will be the first SUV in Ferrari history . Because although those responsible for the iconic Italian brand had previously said on numerous occasions that we would never see an SUV with the Maranello signature logo, it seems they have changed their minds.

The decision to launch a Ferrari SUV probably has a lot to do with the fact that its main competitors have already made the leap into the SUV and crossover segment. We refer to models that are already on sale, such as the Lamborghini Urus , the Bentley Bentayga or the Rolls-Royce Cullinan ; or soon they will be, like the Aston Martin DBX.

For now, few official details have transpired about the so-called Ferrari Purosangue , a nomenclature that in Spanish translates as ‘thoroughbred’. What we do know for sure, as Ferrari’s own CEO has been in charge of denying it, is that it will not be a traditional SUV. Rather, it will be a crossover combining a coupe-style five-door body with more generous ground clearance and offering a four-seat cabin.

Ferrari Purosangue
Ferrari Purosangue

Ferrari Purosangue, the fastest and most expensive SUV on the market?

Thus, we can imagine the Ferrari crossover as a more practical and versatile version of the Ferrari GTC4 Lusso . This is a Gran Turismo that has a practical three-door body, a cabin with the capacity to transport up to four passengers with their luggage and the possibility of mounting a V12 mechanic with an avant-garde four-wheel drive system.

But the only thing that is certain about the Purosangue is what they have transmitted from the company itself. And that boils down to the fact that it will be a vehicle that will allow you to enjoy the exciting driving characteristics of a Ferrari on more occasions and with more passengers . A car that will offer better accessibility and greater ride comfort than any other Ferrari to date, while at the same time being very fast and fun to drive.

Ferrari Purosangue
Ferrari Purosangue

So much so that the brand is hopeful that the so-called Ferrari Purosangue will rise as the fastest SUV in the world when it is presented. It will carry the DNA of all the products of the Italian brand , so we would not be surprised to find ourselves in its top-of-the-range version in front of one of the few cars in the segment equipped with 12-cylinder mechanics.

And although we have not yet mentioned the price, it is clear that it will not be an affordable vehicle in the case of a product of the firm founded by Enzo Ferrari. What’s more, the Ferrari SUV is expected to rise as one of the most expensive on the market when it goes on sale and that would imply exceeding the almost 300,000 euros that the Rolls-Royce model costs before options.

Ferrari’s SUV will be a hybrid

There are many rumors surrounding this Ferrari model . An SUV that is said that it could also use a hybrid system to keep fuel consumption and polluting emissions at bay. A scheme that could combine the aforementioned V12 block with one or more electric motors, or a supercharged V8 engine with turbochargers in combination with one or more electric drives. A V8 mechanic that could inherit from the Ferrari 488 GTB or the Ferrari Portofino .

What is certain is that the engine, be it finally a V12 or a V8, will be placed in a front-center position with the gearbox resting just in front of the rear axle. Ferrari thus seeks to ensure the best possible weight distribution, something essential if they want this car with a higher center of gravity to offer a dynamic similar to that of its sports cars.

The development of this model will allow the creation of other vehicles that could benefit from all its technology thanks to the creation of its own modular platform. The Ferrari Purosangue is expected to feature a state-of-the- art suspension that will not only deliver top-notch dynamic handling on tarmac, but will also have the ability to venture off the beaten track with guarantees.

The latter will also be helped by its four-wheel drive system , which will significantly increase its versatility, and which could be similar to that of the aforementioned GTC4 Lusso. The latter equips a device called 4RM-S, patented by Ferrari, which allows power to be sent to all four wheels without the need to mount a heavy center differential or additional drive shafts. This reduces the weight of the assembly and can position the engine block as low as possible, improving dynamic behavior.

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