FIAT 500 2021: New Photos & New Details

The new body variant of the electric FIAT 500 has been uncovered. The FIAT 500 Trepiuno, a model with three doors to offer a plus of practicality, has been photographed without a hint of camouflage. Its arrival at dealerships is scheduled for 2021.

The next big thing FIAT has on the agenda for the 500 range has been completely uncovered. In recent months we have been providing very relevant information about a third body variant that will be integrated into the offer of the new electric FIAT 500. That’s right, the third generation of the iconic Italian urbanite, available exclusively with electrical mechanics, will have a total of three variants.

It is the FIAT 500 Trepiuno and it will differ from the current 500 and 500C by providing the vehicle with a third door. That’s right, it will be a three-door body variant. A concept that may sound a bit bizarre but that we have already seen in the market on different occasions over the last decades. Well, this new three-door electric 500 has been exposed.

The three-door electric FIAT 500 hunted in broad daylight

The new 500 Trepiuno has been photographed in broad daylight and without a hint of camouflage. It is obvious how this third door will be integrated. A door that will be located on the right side and whose final objective is none other than to facilitate access and exit from the rear seats. Not least detail is that, on right-hand drive models, the third door will also be on the right-hand side.

It is a door that lacks a handle, which confirms another equally important aspect. And it is that for it to be opened or closed, it will first be necessary to have the right front door open. Once the two doors on the right side are closed, the vehicle will maintain its structural rigidity and, therefore, safety will not be impaired. The door is contained in size and its weight will not be excessive.

It is perfectly integrated into the design of the new electric 500, so aesthetically the differences are minimal. This is the premise that FIAT has followed. To be able to offer a plus of practicality without the design and image being affected significantly. Had it been added two conventional rear doors it would have been necessary to lengthen the vehicle and carry out a major structural modification.

FIAT 500 Trepiuno, only with electrical mechanics

The new 500 three-door will maintain the same mechanical configuration of the electric car that has recently started its commercialization in the Old Continent. In this way, the new 500 Trepiuno will be powered by an 87 kW (118 hp) engine. It will equip a 42 kWh lithium-ion battery that will allow it to homologate an approximate range of 300 kilometers according to the WLTP cycle.

Its arrival at dealerships is scheduled for the next year 2021. Production will take place at the facilities that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) have in Mirafiori, in Turin (Italy).