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Ford Maverick 2021: Leaked! Appears on the production line

As the launch approaches, Ford is failing to contain the image leak of Maverick, the monoblock-sized pickup below the Ranger that will be launched later this year. After images of the body that were sent to last year, it now appears on the Maverick Truck Club forum in assembly tests on the production line at the Hermosillo plant in Mexico, from where it will be exported to USA.

The first image of the front reveals that the pickup will drink from the same source as the Bronco Sport, with a body with more straight lines and a robust front, with large headlights divided into 3 sections and an even larger grille that penetrates the bumper area. . In addition to the similarity to the SUV that the platform lends him (given by the sprung wheel housings, straight hood, and high front), it is also possible to notice traces of the identity of other Ford pickups, such as the F-150 and the Ranger itself. 

About Ranger, the main difference of Ford Maverick will be in the type of construction. As you can see in the image above, it uses a monoblock body, without that division between the cabin and the bucket that we see in the trucks mounted on the chassis. It will be a slightly smaller and more urban pickup, with a focus on leisure and not work, in the same way as the Fiat Toro.

Ford Maverick 2021

Toro, by the way, will be the main rival in the Brazilian market. Rumor has it that Ford Maverick, although produced in Mexico, will be launched first in Brazil – just as it happened with the Nissan Kicks in 2016. In the US, it is expected that it will use the same mechanical set as the Bronco Sport, with turbocharged engines. 1.5 and 2.0 liters, always with 8-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive. For Latin America, there is also talk of an entry option with the well-known 2.0 aspirate used in the EcoSport connected to the 6-speed automatic transmission with front-wheel drive. After all, the idea is that Ford Maverick has a reasonable distance to Ranger in terms of price. 

Coming from Mexico will give you tax advantages, as you will be free of 35% of the Import Tax and will arrive in Brazil as a “national” model. By its debut, scheduled for the end of the year, Toro will have gone through its first restyling and received the 1.3 turbo flex engine. And who is also preparing to enter the segment is GM, which this week announced the thawing of the investment of R $ 10 billion that will originate, among other models, a pickup below the S10.  

Ford Maverick is part of Ford’s new product offensive, focused on SUVs and pickup trucks. While she and Bronco Sport will come from Mexico, the factory in Camçari (BA) will produce 3 unpublished crossovers, one of compact size (less than 4 meters), one to replace the EcoSport, and a medium to act below the Territory. 

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