Seat Tarraco 2021: critiques et photos

The Seat Tarraco 2021 is not an update per se of the large SUV, but the brand has taken the opportunity to introduce certain novelties in its range that are worthy of mention, covering certain needs that until now were orphaned. We tell you what its 7 virtues and 2 defects are.

It is a large car (4,728 mm in length, 1,839 mm in width, and 1,658 mm in height), so it guarantees versatility and interior space that other vehicles cannot, especially thanks to the seven-seater configuration. being able to fold down both the second and the third row to give more capacity to the trunk if necessary.

FR finish

Seat Tarraco 2021

The Seat Tarraco is not the sportiest model in the range, but it does deserve to look more dynamic, something that the brand has achieved with the addition of the FR finish. This one has specific bumpers, rear spoiler, dark grille, sports seats, aluminum pedals, leather steering wheel, sports suspension, etc.

Finally the 150 CV + automatic gearbox combo

The mechanical range of the Seat is not excessively wide, but the Spanish brand has been completing it in recent months adding versions highly demanded by potential customers. The one that stands out most is the 150 hp gasoline access, which can be combined with the DSG automatic gearbox with front-wheel drive. This makes it lighter and lighter than the all-wheel-drive variant.

Diesel is even more powerful

Seat Tarraco 2021

The mechanical combustion range of the model is structured in two pairs of engines, two gasoline and two diesel, which until now were traced in terms of power: 150 HP for the access version and 190 for the higher one. However, Seat has updated the top of the diesel range by adding 10 extra HP to reach 200.

Seat Tarraco 2021 Technology

It is loaded in this aspect: voice controls, infotainment system with a 9.2-inch screen, connectivity with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, integrated SIM (free for the first year), and a team of driving assistants that includes automatic braking emergency, lane keeping, emergency assistant, rear traffic alert, etc.

Riding modes for all tastes

Seat Tarraco 2021

It is possible to choose between different driving modes that adapt to the conditions of the moment. In this regard, the front-wheel-drive versions are “satisfied” with four options (Normal, Eco, Sport, and Individual) to which the all-wheel-drive add another two (Off-Road and Snow).

Seat Tarraco 2021 Plug-in hybrid

It is not yet available, but knowing that in the short term the SUV will have a PHEV variant, is always a plus. It combines a 150 hp 1.4 TSI block with a 116 hp electric motor to develop 245 hp overall and also has a 13 kWh battery that allows it to drive more than 50 kilometers in electric mode. It is sure to attract quite a few customers.

No gas versions

Although the electrified variant is about to fall, it is missed that the manufacturer has included a TGI version of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) in the Tarraco range, as the Seat Ibiza, Seat Arona, and even the Leon of the previous generation have. . Of course, we must also admit that the mechanics of 90 hp available would be somewhat short, it would require a more powerful engine.

Seat Tarraco 2021 Price

It is not an expensive vehicle and so that we understand each other, “it is in price” for what a general seven-seater SUV should cost, but that does not mean that you have to pay at least 30,400 euros.

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