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Genesis GV70 2021: What are its features?

The car that you have on your screens is the new Genesis GV70. It is an SUV of medium size and premium character, which will rival institutions such as the Volvo XC60, the Audi Q5, or the Mercedes GLC. It is one of the most anticipated products of Genesis and comes after the presentation of the beautiful G70, a premium propulsion saloon. Yet another SUV? Is the market capable of digesting yet another premium SUV? Does the Genesis GV70 have something that makes us say “not just another SUV”? We will find out throughout this article. The answer may be surprising.

First of all, let’s do a little memory. Genesis is Hyundai’s luxury brand. It is to Koreans what Lexus is to Toyota, to understand us. Although it has been in production and sale for some years, it has had a temporary presence in Europe. The brand’s cars are currently not sold in Europe, with the US being its main market. That will change imminently since the Genesis G70 will mark the return of Genesis to Europe and that return will be accompanied by the SUV that you have on your screens, the Genesis GV70.

Genesis GV70 2021
Genesis GV70 2021

The Genesis GV70 has been presented just a few hours ago and will begin its commercial journey in its domestic market, South Korea. It is a medium-sized SUV and the family resemblance to other cars of the brand is unmistakable, especially in its huge grille. Its LED optics are split in two and the side profile flows organically to the rear. The C-pillar has a very curious design, and it is one of the details that give the car more personality, in addition to its very long hood and wheels up to 21 inches in diameter.

Genesis GV70 2021

At its rear we find a pronounced roof drop – almost touching what we consider a “coupe” SUV – and some vertical-looking exhausts, which would be circular in the GV70 Sport versions. The interior is where we find more personality, and where there is a clear differentiation concerning all its competitors. Not only is the two-spoke steering wheel striking, but so are the huge screen on the dash, the oval shape of the climate control module – with physical buttons – and how “sculpted the front seats are.”

Genesis GV70 2021 Engine

Genesis GV70 2021

At the moment we do not have technical specifics about its infotainment system, technology, or engines, but we can speculate. It is expected to have 290 hp 2.5 turbo petrol engines and also six-cylinder turbo alternatives and more than 350 hp, always in a longitudinal position: there will be propulsion and all-wheel-drive versions, always associated with automatic gearboxes. In Europe, the arrival of a 2.2 CRDi engine of about 200 CV and Diesel cycle is expected, in addition to the possible landing of a hybrid alternative.

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