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Honda Civic 2021: Prototype is Ready

The new Honda Civic Prototype has been presented in society. It is the prelude to the eleventh generation of the iconic and popular Honda compact. It features a renewed exterior and interior design. All this combined with a more complete technological equipment. The new Civic will hit the market in late spring 2021.

After a preview, the new Honda Civic Prototype 2021 has been presented in society. A very interesting and important prototype that is positioned as the prelude to the new generation of Honda Civic. More specifically from the eleventh generation of the iconic Japanese compact. The model that is in development and whose commercial launch will take place in a matter of a few months.

Honda Civic 2021
Honda Civic 2021

The new Civic Prototype gives us a glimpse of what both the exterior and interior design of the new generation Civic will look like. Also, and if that was not enough, Honda has confirmed some of the relevant characteristics of the renewed model. Especially when it comes to security.

The design of the new 2021 Honda Civic Prototype

Honda has referenced some of the concept models that were advanced by past generations of the Civic. The design team began by giving the new Civic a more dynamic shape and sporty stance. Both the hood and the front fenders have a very low position. Similarly, the waistline has a very contained height.

Honda Civic 2021

The position of the front pillars has been delayed to maximize the visibility of the driver and passengers. The exterior rearview mirrors have also been relocated. On the front, the shape of the grille stands out, which connects with the very slim and stylized headlights. They make use of LED technology and the light signature draws a very characteristic shape. The lower rack sports a very interesting pattern.

At the rear, we find new taillights that help emphasize the width of the vehicle. The body is painted in the new Solar Flare Pearl color. The customization options will be increased.

The interior of the new 2021 Honda Civic Prototype

Honda Civic 2021

The exterior aside, if we venture inside the new Civic Prototype we will be enveloped by a sleek and modern atmosphere. The cabin will undergo a very relevant change. Honda designers have chosen to give a twist to the line followed to date by previous generations.

Honda has chosen to eliminate much of the physical controls. The dashboard and center console convey cleanliness. The eleventh generation of the Civic brings with it several new technologies. It features a digital instrument cluster and a new 9-inch Full HD touchscreen located at the top of the center console. It is key to managing the infotainment system.

Honda Civic 2021

Nor should we ignore the air conditioning module, which is very well integrated. The central tunnel is well resolved. Also, the design of the door panels and the steering wheel is exposed.

The equipment of the new Honda Civic Prototype 2021

The Japanese manufacturer has placed special emphasis on the security section. Honda wants to make the eleventh-generation Civic a benchmark in this area. The brand has confirmed that it will have a wide variety of driver assistance systems as well as active and passive safety. It will feature the Honda Sensing package and multiple airbags, some redesigned.

On the other hand, the new Civic will be able to boast of having an advanced version of the Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) body structure. It has improved protection against pedestrian collisions. The new, stiffer body structure will also contribute to a more optimal chassis set-up.

Honda Civic 2021

When will the next generation Civic hit the market? The model presented in prototype format heralds the arrival of the new generation Civic range. A landing that will begin in late spring 2021. The commercial launch will begin with the launch of the new Civic Sedan. Then the Civic Hatchback and Civic Si will follow suit. The Type R high-performance sports variant will continue to be present.

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