Honda Civic 2021: First Look & Photos

This render offers us a fairly precise aspect of the design that will characterize the future and eleventh generation of the Honda Civic in its 5-door variant, the most demanded on the European continent. This recreation is based on the leaked patent sketches of the new generation, so it looks very close to the original.

Several weeks ago we echoed the appearance of a series of patent sketches that anticipated the likely appearance of the future generation of the Honda Civic. In a matter of a few days, images of the two body variants that will make up the future range of the Japanese compact jumped onto the net, and some sketches of what appeared to be the body of the dashboard of the new model were also leaked.

Those black and white images showed a design strongly evolved concerning the current generation of the model, of which it will continue to maintain its basic silhouette and proportions. Although the aesthetic changes have been so serious that they seem two completely different models, which forces us to pay attention to distinguish the model we are seeing.

Honda Civic 2021 Desing

Taking these sketches as a basis is how our designer has made this first recreation, whose purpose is to give color and textures to said sketches, to give it a more realistic appearance and close to the production model.
What’s New

As we can see in the upper render, the new generation of the Honda Civic will have a more sober and simple image than that of its predecessor, since it dispenses with the current bulky bumpers to release elements with smoother and less overloaded surfaces. Although it will have huge grilles in the front area.

We are going to find this simplified scheme in the rest of the exterior elements, such as the optics, which become horizontal elements both in front and behind, so the elaborate hexagonal-shaped taillights that have characterized the tenth disappear. generation. Although the general shapes of the model are not going to change, these features are going to completely modify its exterior appearance.

Although we cannot see it in these recreations, the interior design of the new Civic XI is also going to be simplified. The leaking of the patent sketches of what we believe corresponds to its new dashboard indicates that the model will have a new, lighter structure that will now resort to the floating-type multimedia screen scheme. Still, we can expect this new generation to feature a much more technological interior, thanks to the company’s latest multimedia advancements and the premiere of a new digital dashboard.

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