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At the wheel of the Hyundai i20 2021: Much more than a utility

The third generation of the Hyundai i20 arrives with more equipment than ever, with elements that are difficult to find in the segment, as well as the possibility of having the Eco label thanks to its two hybrid mechanics.

With an electrification rate of 30% across its range, it was foreseeable that the new generation of the Hyundai i20 would fully enter the hybrid era of the Korean brand. With the launch of two 48V mild hybrid variants with 100 and 120 horsepower, the hybridization of this model is already a reality.

The Hyundai i20 hybrid

But let’s start at the beginning. In 2008 the i20 took over from a model as charismatic as the Getz, Hyundai’s urban option that gave such good results in the early 2000s. This new generation of the i20 is the third of the aforementioned model, launched in 2018. Front to this and the dictation of the trend of the segment, it grows by 5 millimeters in length and 30 in width, being 25 millimeters lower, which configures a bodywork of 4.04 meters in length that positions it just one step away from the compacts but without losing its urban essence.

Hyundai i20 2021

Inside there are hardly any changes to the dimensions, the habitability is more than correct for four occupants and we now also have a trunk with 26 liters more capacity, reaching 352 liters, which fits exceptionally with the driving skills of the vehicle. This is precisely one of its best qualities, the i20 leaves the purely urban environment to become an exceptional option for hitting the road, especially in the 120-horsepower variant with the double-clutch transmission.

Aesthetically, the model evolves towards the new line inaugurated by the new Tucson, although in a more discreet way. Brand new led lighting that becomes one of its most important distinctive features as well as the taillights attached to the dictates of current trends. Overall the car wins in the presence also accompanied by newly designed wheels in size 15, 16, or 17 inches.

From the driver’s seat we discovered an elaborate and highly technological design, with a 10.25-inch screen that acts as a watch box and a central one of the same size, although standard, it is 8.25 ”. The adjustments are excellent, a general feeling of quality stands out above some generalist brands, although in some areas it has hard plastics that do not detract from the whole at all. The position is very comfortable and two adults can accompany us behind without space problems.

In terms of equipment, progress has been abysmal, positioning itself at the head of the segment with gadgets such as wireless charger, software compatible with Android and Apple (without cable in the case of the larger screen), blind spot detector, control lane control, adaptive cruise control that works in collaboration with the navigator, sleep alarm, a signal detector, automatic high beams … Items previously only available in higher segments.

Hyundai i20 2021

The mechanical offer is made up of four gasoline options, the one for access with a 1.2 atmospheric 84 horsepower and three 1.0 TGDi, one 100 CV, another with the same power but with light hybridization (48V), and another with the same system but 120 horsepower. power. In our opinion, the last option is the most recommended and also the one we have conducted during our first contact. The 1.0 TGDi block is a three-cylinder and is supported by a 48V electrical group that takes over the car’s most consuming electrical systems, although without the possibility of moving it by itself.


At the wheel, the main quality is the general softness of all the touches. Just start it to see how the three-cylinder turbo engine is hardly heard in the cabin. Slim and highly balanced, it transmits hardly any vibrations despite its three-cylinder condition and achieves its best performance in combination with the new seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. In the city, it is agile and responsive from the low area of ​​the lap counter, with a very assisted steering and easy to handle but not too sensitive. The change is smooth even in parking maneuvers.


It is available in four trim levels: Essence, Klass, Tecno, and Style Lux, with a price range between 16,990 euros and 27,995, although with the promotions and available aids the range starts at 14,490 euros, a discount applicable to all the range. Looking to the immediate future, the arrival of a sports variant N with 204 horses and an SUV type is announced, we will be vigilant.