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Subaru BRZ 2022: Spy Shot durante il test drive

After several reports and sightings of development prototypes of the new generation Subaru BRZ 2022, we finally have the first official announcement of the arrival of the new Subaru BRZ 2022 and its first images, including the full photo of a slightly camouflaged prototype and its first official teaser.

Although in recent years we have witnessed the appearance of contradictory reports about the new generation of the Subaru BRZ and its twin brother the Toyota GT86, Japanese companies finally ended up confirming the development of the second generation of both models, which will continue to share the aesthetic schemes and technical as before.

This first teaser presented by Subaru does not show much, just the left front tire and the wheel arch panel, but it is the first official announcement of the arrival of the model and the confirmation of its presentation date, or at least estimated since we still do not know when the sports car will be unveiled. Subaru has only limited itself to confirm that it will be presented this fall, without even specifying the month in which it plans to present it.

Subaru BRZ Technology

Although we also have the first images of the slightly camouflaged prototype that the brand has used in this first teaser. We can already see this unit in full on Instagram, from where we have taken precisely the top photograph. This was taken during the Subaru Tecnica International Subiefest World Record Attempt & Charity Drive event, held this weekend in Costa Mesa, California.

Despite conflicting reports from this new generation of Japanese sports cars, by now we already have a lot of data on this new development. We have even seen some prototypes on the street showing their final configuration, despite having large doses of camouflage.

One of the main novelties of this new generation we will find in the name of the Toyota model, which will stop being called GT86 to adopt the initials of Gazoo Racing, so it will be called Toyota GR86. A name is very similar to that of its older brother, the Toyota GR Supra. According to Subaru, this development is new and does not derive from its predecessor, although the truth is that the structure and aesthetics of the model are going to be tremendously continuous, so we do not know to what extent they represent an evolution or novelty concerning the previous generation.

This continues to be one of the biggest unknowns of the model, because although we believe that both variants will continue to mount a Subaru supercharged 4-cylinder boxer, there are still those who assure that these twins will continue to have atmospheric mechanics, like their predecessors. What is certain is that another novelty will be the incorporation of an optional automatic transmission, which adds to the manual box already available.

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