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Jeep Grand Cherokee L 2021: With Three Rows of Seats!

At the beginning of the new year, Jeep shared with us all the features and photos of the new generation three-row-seat Grand Cherokee L 2021.

According to the manufacturer, many customers have requested this addition of space for additional passengers in the cabin. They will therefore now be able to opt for this popular arrangement for families.

The arrival of this third row required an enlargement of the vehicle, which is now longer. But contrary to what one might think, this new L version does not derive from the Jeep Grand Wagoneer 2022 which was presented recently. Indeed, the latter has a ladder frame ( body on frame ) while the Grand Cherokee L is based on a new monocoque platform.

Jeep Grand Cherokee L 2021

A more upscale product

According to Christian Meunier, President of Jeep, the new Grand Cherokee L is more “Premium”, with improved luxury and safety equipment. We see it with a much more opulent interior, the design of which has been quite modernized.

Jeep Grand Cherokee L 2021

FCA announces a clear increase in the quality of finish as well as enhanced equipment. Among the most notable are an electronically controlled air suspension, massage seats, air conditioning where each zone has its setting, all active safety equipment including night vision, and even real wood!

A hybrid version, but not immediately

Jeep Grand Cherokee L 2021

To power the Grand Cherokee L, there are two well-known blocks at FCA: the Pentastar V6 and the 5.7-liter Hemi V8. Under the hood of this new SUV, the six-cylinder block develops 290 horsepower and 257 lb-ft of torque. For its part, the V8 offers 357 horsepower and 390 lb-ft as well as a towing capacity of 7,200 pounds (6,200 lbs for the V6). The two engines are associated with an automatic transmission that has eight gears.

Jeep Grand Cherokee L 2021

Jeep also confirmed to The Car Guide that a plug-in hybrid variant of the Grand Cherokee will also be offered later. The Grand Cherokee 4xe will follow in the footsteps of the Jeep Wrangler, whose 4xe variant is expected over the coming months. 

On the all-wheel-drive side, Jeep had to be faithful to its reputation and therefore mounted a system advertised as very efficient. In addition to the base system which is electronically assisted all-wheel drive, it is possible to opt for an optional system that has two ranges (high and low) for customers who want better off-road capabilities.

Jeep Grand Cherokee L 2021

Finally, it is also possible to add a limited-slip differential on the rear axle as well as an even more advanced electronic control of the traction, the vehicle being able to even anticipate certain actions to improve the response of its various parameters.

Grand Cherokee L 2021 Multimedia system


Coming with the new Uconnect5 system, the new Grand Cherokee L has wireless connectivity with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Advertised as significantly faster than the current Uconnect, this new version also includes communication with Amazon Alexa to control things at home as well as more efficient voice commands. The base model’s screen measures 8.4 inches, while the optional model goes up to 10.1 inches.

Jeep Grand Cherokee L 2021

Finally, it is now possible to determine personalized profiles, but above all to move the different menus to arrange them according to your tastes on the central screen. The FCA system was already one of the most intuitive, the possibility of customizing it should logically further improve the experience onboard.

Jeep Grand Cherokee L 2021

According to FCA Canada, the new Jeep Grand Cherokee L 2021 will be on sale at dealerships in the spring or summer of 2021 at a price that has not yet been released. A next-generation five-passenger Grand Cherokee will also arrive later in 2021, as will the 4xe plug-in hybrid variant. 

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