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Maserati Grecale: First Look & Photos

Maserati has already confirmed the arrival of the new D-SUV for 2021, along with its commercial name. It will be called Maserati Grecale, a sporty cut model that will come with powerful engines, including an electric version, and of which we anticipate its most faithful design.

No less than four years have passed for the project of the second SUV of the Modena brand to come true. The future Maserati Grecale will debut at the end of 2021 and its sales will be delayed until 2022, but it will arrive with a very complicated objective, that of establishing itself as a serious alternative to the German ones.

This project was one of the stars planned by the late Marchionne for Maserati, and practically nothing remains of the approach that the Italian had in mind, since he considered it more exclusive than the Alfa Romeo Stelvio and, therefore, he should not share anything; quite the opposite of what the future model will be.

The future Maserati Grecale will be very sporty, in design and mechanics

However, it will maintain the sportiness of the Trident, as we have already seen in a model and which we have shaped, according to our information. The result is this recreation with a more avant-garde design than the Levante, with vertical headlamps that extend towards the windshield, with a marked influence of the new MC20.

Our sources also point out that the grille, in its proper measure, will be inherited from the new hybrid sports car, a more aggressive design like the silhouette shape, with a curved roofline ending in a sloping tailgate. In this one, the taillights will also be thinner, following the controversial styling of the old Maserati 3200 GT.

Maserati Grecale
Maserati Grecale

The new Grecale, which is conceived on the Giorgio platform of Alfa Romeo, will arrive with all-wheel drive and powerful 48-volt electrified petrol engines, with the 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder block and two maximum power levels, 330 and 350 hp. . The Italian firm will also offer a Grecale Trofeo with the new Nettuno engine, a six-cylinder turbo and hybrid that can exceed 600 hp of maximum power, with an aesthetic to match and its characteristic four rear exhausts.

At the opposite pole, Maserati will offer an all-electric version, the Grecale Folgore, which will compete directly with the future Porsche Macan and which has been confirmed to go electric. This one, with two electric motors, will also reach figures of 400 hp and, of course, with all-wheel drive.

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  1. So, no diesel?
    I do not understand why now Maserati is not offering diesel anymore, while all other manufactures do it.
    Mercedes new S Klasse has the usual 6 cyl. 286HP diesel, while the Quattroporte diesel is not offered anymore.
    New Ghibli has no diesel anymore while the hybrid version does not offer the same range than the diesel.

    The press made a huge noise about how diesel are bad, but as soon as manufacturers began to put diesel out of their offer, someone realized that diesel engines produce less CO2 than petrol engines.
    I hope when they really begin to sell the new models the’ll have developed new diesel engines.

    1. Diesel has no place in new technologies. Later, governments announced that they would not accept diesel vehicles in their action plans. I think this is the reason. Thanks for your comment !

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