McLaren Artura: First Plug-in Supercar Will Arrive in 2021

With similar performance to those offered by the McLaren 600 LT, Woking’s first series-production hybrid supercar will arrive in 2021 to replace the current 570S. Here’s everything we know about the future McLaren Artura.

During the last months, the British firm has been revealing in the form of small pills various information about its first hybrid production model. Continuing the High-Performance Hybrid saga of which the McLaren P1 and McLaren Speedtail are already part, the new McLaren Artura will hit the market during the first half of 2021. It replaces the 570S in the range and is located between the current GT and 720S, with a price and a higher power figure than the current Sports Series.

Those from Woking have published a couple of images in which we can see the McLaren Artura logo on the rear grill of the car. At its sides, the characteristic tailpipes that we usually see in the latest releases of the firm.

For its construction, McLaren has used the new MCLA (McLaren Carbon Lightweight) architecture, adapted to the needs of integrating a hybrid scheme in a supercar. For its part, the firm has indicated that its engineers have completely redesigned the carbon monocoque to make it more flexible than the old MonoCell frames, released in the MP4-12C. This advance allows designers greater freedom in creating more differentiated projects and enables the use of a wider range of internal combustion and new electrical systems.

McLaren Artura Engine

On a mechanical level, the new McLaren Artura will mount a hybrid propulsion scheme consisting of a V6 Biturbo block combined with a high-performance electric motor for which data is not yet known. This is the first step to start replacing the brand’s V8s. Some international media speak of a power level close to 600 hp.

This configuration will be powered by the energy stored in a lithium-ion battery of still unknown capacity that according to the latest data could allow the Artura to travel up to 30 kilometers in 100% electric mode. What McLaren has confirmed is that the model will suffer a double-digit weight increase over the current 570S, so we could be talking about a figure close to 1,500 kg.

McLaren Artura
McLaren Artura

For his part, Mike FlewittCEO of McLaren Automotive, is confident in the new technology and has explained in a statement that ” every element of the car is completely new, from the architecture of the platform and every part of the hybrid powertrain to the exterior bodywork, interior and driver interface. ”Also, it maintains high expectations and makes the following clear: ” Our advanced experience in developing and manufacturing lightweight composites, combined with our expertise in cutting-edge battery technology and high-performance hybrid powertrains, makes you hit the ground running. ideally positioned to offer customers levels of electrified automotive that until now seemed simply unattainable. ”

The new Artura could also debut a new brand design language under the leadership of bodybuilder Rob Melville, current Design Director at McLaren Automotive. Among the aesthetic novelties, we could find some of the elements that we could meet in the McLaren Elva. The new McLaren Artura will be assembled at the McLaren Composite Technology Center (MCTC) near Sheffield, England, using an optimized production process that aims to reduce the time required to build each unit.

Although the new McLaren Artura will be unveiled in the coming months, the brand has already opened the order book. Your presentation could be imminent.