McLaren Sabre 2021: 825 hp, only 15 units for the USA and 351 km/h!

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  • Little by little McLaren continues to increase its offer of supercars and today it is the turn of a very special one. It is so special that it will be almost impossible to see it live, as it will be exclusively for the US market.

It is the McLaren Sabre 2021, a supercar from the British manufacturer’s Ultimate Series saga and takes the basis of the McLaren Senna to take it one step closer to exclusivity and with a simply mind-blowing racing aesthetic.

As if a McLaren Senna were not special enough, the McLaren Sabre goes beyond aesthetics and puts on the table a circuit proposal, although with the possibility of homologation. And this is the main reason why it is a car only for the United States: not to have to submit to the most restrictive homologation regulations in Europe.

McLaren Sabre 2021

The Sabre has been developed by McLaren Special Operations to be more extreme, with a few-piece set up to be even more aerodynamically effective.

McLaren Sabre 2021

The entire front end has been modified. The aerodynamic attachments of the Senna GTR are not used, instead, a more enveloping configuration has been used on the sides and a longer and sharper nose, as well as an XXL lower splitter. Gill-style air vents stand out on the hood.

McLaren Sabre 2021

The same thing happens on the sides, using a multi-layer bodywork to channel the air and newly designed, seven-spoke, single-nut wheels. The engine air intakes in front of the wheel arches appear smaller but better integrated.

McLaren Sabre 2021

Precisely at the rear we have the main changes, with a huge spoiler similar to that of the Senna GTR and attached by the sides to the bodywork and by a large vertical fin in the central part; at these three points, the rear lights are inserted. The drop at the rear is also longer and more pointed, integrating the central exhaust outlet and an exaggerated rear diffuser.

McLaren Sabre Engine

The propeller used is a new variation of the house’s arch-iconic 4.0 V8 Biturbo engine, with figures that rise to 835 hp and 800 Nm of torque associated with a seven-speed double-clutch gearbox that brings its strength exclusively to the rear wheels.

McLaren Sabre 2021

With all the modifications made to this model, the McLaren Sabre advertises a top speed of 351 km / h, placing it as the fastest road/track car of the brand so far. Only the McLaren Speedtail is faster.

McLaren Sabre 2021

Aside from being a car that won’t set foot on the old continent, the McLaren Sabre will also be difficult to see due to its extremely short run, limited to just 15 units. Each of them is already sold and MSO will be in charge of customizing it to the taste of each client. Its price? It has not been disclosed.