Mercedes EQE: 600 km autonomous driving pleasure.

Mercedes is already preparing a new 100% electric E-Class. Called EQE, it is part of the brand’s goal of launching 10 electric cars by 2022. So it will be …

We have already tested the Mercedes EQC, the first electric model of the new family, in this case, an SUV, launched by the German brand. And we have told you about the EQV, the EQA, the EQS … and yesterday about the EQB, another most attractive SUV. So it’s time to tell you about the sixth model of the 10 that Mercedes promises until 2022. This time, a new saloon.

The Mercedes EQE therefore now joins the list. The saloon, something like an electric variant of the E-Class but with its development, is already in the last phase of testing, as our German colleagues from Auto Motor und Sport have seen. The saloon has been hunted in the snow.

Developed from the new EVA II platform, from which the Mercedes EQA, EQB, and EQS also come out, the first information suggests that this new EQE will be somewhat smaller in length than the current conventional E-Class, but thanks to the * * optimization of space ** will allow housing habitability almost like in an S-Class. This will be possible thanks to the concept of the flat bottom of the vehicle, with the battery packs housed between the axles.

More aerodynamic, with an active chassis and with great lightness for an electric saloon, since the new platform also uses a lot of aluminum material, the Mercedes EQE will have a very striking aesthetic and a very sophisticated technical scheme. With electric motors on both the front and rear axles, the saloon will be all-wheel drive, although some variant of rear propulsion is also expected from 2022.

Mercedes EQE Engine

As AMS informs us, the integral steering will also be part of the new Mercedes EQE, which of course will have many autonomous driving assistants to reach a Level 3. For now, the first performance data would speak of autonomy even greater than 600 kilometers, with the saloon with more than 400 CV of power and 750 Nm of torque.

After its arrival, Mercedes is also expected to launch two large electric SUVs within its planning. One of them with the dimensions of the GLE and another like the GLS, bringing its focus closer to that of a Maybach SUV.

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