Mercedes EQS: New Details and New Photos

New render and spy photos of the Mercedes EQS arrive, in its SUV variant. Hunted in the vicinity of the star’s signature facilities at the Nürburgring, the brand accelerates the development and tuning of the luxury electric model that will arrive in 2022. Once again it also lets us see its luxurious interior.

One of the most important novelties of the German firm that is preparing for 2022 is the Mercedes EQS SUV. The luxury electric that we advance in a world exclusive, while others bet on a prototype of the Mercedes EQC or, already put, also of the future EQE SUV. The first will have a replacement in 2024 and the second will also arrive in three years.

However, Mercedes has officially confirmed our advance of last spring with some teasers in which it was seen accompanied by the two electric sedans, and just a few weeks ago at the general meeting of shareholders, also its commercial name. Because this time there will be no distinctions as in the combustion range. The brand has simplified it to the minimum possible expression: EQS for the saloon and EQS SUV for the model with this body.

The future Mercedes EQS SUV will only be offered with five seats in 2022

The last, the protagonist of these spy photos that, caught in the manufacturers and suppliers polygon attached to the Nürburgring, maintains the same level of camouflage as on other occasions, and in which only the shape of the headlights and the grille, together with the shape of the body, are the production elements. Thus, we will still have to wait a few more months, at least until next spring, to see the rear light clusters mounted that will cross the entire tailgate.

The spy photos reveal much of the interior design of the X296, as it is known internally. A dashboard that will feature the new touch screen of the center console, released in the new generation of the S-Class and that will be extended to all new models, also preserving the horizontal ventilation nozzles on it. But the aerators at the ends of the dashboard put the sporty note with the turbine design.

Under the body, the EQS SUV will have two electric motors, one per axle, and all-wheel drive. The Mercedes EQ will offer different versions varying the power of each electric motor through software with a maximum of 700 hp, and a 110 kWh lithium-ion battery between the axles that will offer a maximum autonomy of 600 kilometers.

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