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Mercedes-Maybach S-Class 2021: With ‘S’ for superiority

The new definition of luxury. This is how the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class is called by the heads of the Daimler group and it is not in vain that we speak of the second member of the most private club of Mercedes, to which only the GLS SUV presented exactly one year ago and this S-Class have access. In the case of the saloon, we are facing the second generation of this model and how could it be otherwise, it includes a complete renovation.

The Mercedes motor show

Its wheelbase is 18 centimeters longer than in the S-Class, to expand the space for the rear seats, where a complete modularity system allows to transform this area into a workplace or space where luxury and comfort is the predominant note.

Exclusive details such as the optional two-tone paint with dividing line, and large wood trim both at the rear of the front seats, as well as between the two rear passengers as well, are typical Maybach characteristics and are maintained in this new installment of the Representative saloon par excellence.

Mercedes-Maybach S-Class 2021

Mercedes-Maybach confirms that this S-Class is specially designed for trips with a driver, and this is reflected in several details implanted in the rear seats of the vehicle, which among other gadgets include a massage function with special attention to the back area of ​​the legs. as well as neck and shoulder heating. Also, the sound system has specific software to mitigate external noise and in the extended platform version, the 3.39-meter wheelbase leaves a magnificent space in this area of ​​the car.

Mercedes-Maybach S-Class 2021

At the equipment level, there are many surprising elements, such as the new functions of the MBUX virtual personal assistant. In the Maybach S, it is capable of detecting that passengers have entered the seats and offering the seat belt with an extensive automatic, allows gesture control from the rear seats including new functions such as unfolding or retracting the curtains, activating the reading lights, and even illuminate areas to which we direct our hand or sight at a certain moment.

Mercedes-Maybach S-Class 2021

How could it be otherwise, the tuning of the frame is exclusive to this model, and thus, the software offers a Maybach driving mode capable of offering a super soft adjustment for the air suspension, refining the touch of the accelerator and the brakes, and even to intervene in the 9-speed automatic transmission so that it works with extra smoothness. So much so, that in this mode the car starts in second gear and the steering gains smoothness and efficiency for maneuvering around town thanks to rear wheels that rotate up to 10 degrees in the opposite direction to the front wheels.

Mercedes-Maybach S-Class 2021

But the star equipment of these Mercedes-Maybach S580 and S650 is undoubtedly the reference to driving assistance, as it includes an automatic pilot that has earned it the recognition of a vehicle with level 3 autonomous driving and that, for example, allows the car circulates without human intervention in congested traffic, on the highway or park alone in different situations.

Recognizable at first glance

The new Maybachs include the latest generation smart headlights with full LED technology already seen in the ‘normal’ S-Class and are associated with a wide chrome grille that characterizes the models of this sub-brand; while both the front and rear aprons receive new chrome elements and tailpipes, along with the Maybach logos.

Nor is its side less striking, not so much because of its larger rear doors typical of an ocean liner like this, but because of the way they are opened, with a removable touch system for opening that replaces the classic handles and that although it seems to resemble a lot the of the Tesla, we had not seen anything like it so far in the house in Stuttgart.

The old Maybach returns

Inside you can see a special steering wheel lined in beige leather and other details in high-quality materials (reserved for these two versions) and it is that we are not facing just any Mercedes as we have made clear in the equipment section.

Available only with a gasoline engine, automatic transmission, and rear or integral wheel drive, the definitive Mercedes-Maybach S580 and S650 have not brought any major surprises in this field – at least for now. The first is satisfied with the 4.0-liter Biturbo V8 engine but well supported by an electric unit, it reaches 517 horses. Indeed, we are facing the first Maybach S-Class with mild-hybrid mechanics and how could it otherwise include a 48 Volt network and Eco label from the DGT. Instead, the S650 maintains its V12 Biturbo, with 6.0 liters of displacement, 621 hp of power, and optional all-wheel drive.

Later, some select markets of this model will receive a plug-in hybrid version, with a 3.0 inline six-cylinder engine paired with an electric one to offer 503 horsepower with an economy of use unprecedented in this type of car.

The world premiere of the Mercedes-Maybach 2021 has occurred today, Thursday, November 19, although yes, it is likely that we will not see it in dealerships until mid-2021, at least in Europe and especially taking into account the delays caused in the industry due to the Covid-19 pandemic. More time for your buyers to continue adding to their checking accounts, something always necessary when we talk about vehicles with a starting price that will exceed 160,000 euros.

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