Mercedes SL 2021: It will be redesigned

The new generation of Mercedes SL begins to loom on the horizon. The total renovation of the Mercedes roadster will be a reality and the star brand has very ambitious plans for this model. It will be signed by the guys from Mercedes-AMG and will have a sportier design. The company wants the new SL-Class to return to its original essence.

Tobias Moers, Head of Mercedes-AMG, has shelled the first and interesting details about the next generation of one of the most interesting convertibles that we can find in the range of the star’s signature. The generational change of the Mercedes SL will be a reality for the next decade and will entail a relevant change in the direction that this model has been following in recent years.

The senior position of Mercedes-AMG has confirmed that the new generation of Mercedes SL will be launched in 2021. A date that seems close although if we take into account that Moers has declared to a specialized media that the prototypes of the new Mercedes SL will hit the road later this year, things change a lot. It is more feasible to meet the aforementioned date.

One of the keys to the new generation of the Mercedes SL is that it will have a great relationship with the next Mercedes-AMG GT. Both models will be supported by a new platform built largely from aluminum and which is known internally as MSA (Modular Sports Architecture). The objective is to reduce the development and manufacturing costs of this type of vehicle, which operates in such elite segments.

In addition to the change of platform, the new Mercedes SL will try to recover its origins and the essence lost during its latest renovations. Moers noted that it will have a much more sporty approach: “It is much more sporty. It will have a perfect relationship between driving dynamics and comfort, as it is also a kind of cruiser on wheels ”.

Mercedes-AMG will take over the development of the new Mercedes SL. The head of the Mercedes sports firm stressed that it is both an honor and a great responsibility: “Handing over the SL to AMG is excellent. There is a lot of responsibility behind this decision, and I feel very honored ”. It has also been confirmed that the new Mercedes SL will only be available as a roadster.

The 2021 Mercedes SL will use a convertible canvas roof

Unlike the model that we can find today in dealerships, the new generation of the Mercedes SL will use a convertible canvas roof whose manufacturing process will be a multilayer. The reason? It will allow reducing the weight of the vehicle since the current model uses a folding hardtop. As Mercedes-AMG is at the forefront of the project, weight reduction will be one of the premises for achieving higher performance.

On the other hand, in addition to the aforementioned platform change, the relationship of the new Mercedes SL with the next Mercedes-AMG GT will go a step further, since the two models will share axles, suspension, steering systems, and many other components. What’s more, its production will take place in the same facilities. In the factory that the company has in Sindelfingen (Germany).

The use of the new platform will give more freedom to the brand’s designers. Internal sources from Mercedes point out that the new SL will have a longer hood and a cabin in a more backward position. Compared to the current model, it will grow slightly.

The mechanical supply will be electrified

As for the mechanical section of the new Mercedes SL, the range of engines will revolve around gasoline and semi-hybrid technology (Mild Hybrid). The V8 gasoline engine and the EQ Boost system will be the main protagonist. It is also planned that the access option is set by a 3.0 turbocharged gasoline engine with six cylinders whose power will be around 370 HP.

Regardless of the chosen engine, we will find a nine-speed automatic gearbox. As standard, it will be offered with rear-wheel drive, although it is expected that the 4Matic traction will be present in the offer.

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