Modified Subaru Wrx Sti: $ 250,000 to modify it to the core

If you are the owner of a modified Subaru Wrx Sti car – call it tuning, racing or stance, whatever you want – you know perfectly well that the list of modifications of the car can raise its price by several thousand euros. I know cars whose modifications have been even twice as expensive as the car itself.

What I had never seen was a machine like Alex Witkin’s 2002 Subaru WRX STI. The owner of this repair shop has invested a whopping $ 250,000 in his car. These are the modifications that bring its value closer to that of a house or a high-flying supercar.

To begin with, the car is painted in a red color belonging to the Ferrari catalog, and many of its body elements are made of carbon fiber, such as the hood, the rear spoiler, or some aerodynamic accessories.

Modified Subaru Wrx Sti

Virtually every aspect of the car has been modified or improved in some way, and since its debut in 2013, the car has gradually been transformed with additional modifications. Take for example the hydraulic system that raises the car in a matter of seconds – a competition-inspired system that allows you to change your wheels very quickly.

In addition to a lovingly sculpted body and beautiful Volk TE37 – a classic that never fails – inside we find a first-rate roll cage, carbon fiber door trims manufactured by Prodrive, carbon fiber banquets courtesy of Bride, or a new Alcantara-lined dashboard with racing Scratch instrumentation.

Modified Subaru Wrx Sti

Interestingly, Alex has moved the steering wheel of his Subaru WRX STI, aiming to bring it even closer to pure “JDM”. Inside, an exposed kit of nitrous oxide bottles also looks its part of prominence.

Modified Subaru Wrx Sti Engine

In truth, whatever item you look at has been modified by the car owner, and the list is too long to include in this article, so we tried to focus on the larger modifications. In the trunk, we find a dual fuel system, with a fuel cell straight out of the racing world – Alex Witkin claims that the car is inspired by the Japanese touring car championship, the JGTC. The engine of this STI is far from being standard, currently developing a power close to 500 hp, with a torque greater than 550 nm.

Its power may not seem over the top, because Alex wanted a still usable and reliable car. The engine is an EJ25 block, but has the heads of a Japanese EJ20, with a new generously sized turbocharger supplied by TurboXS.

Modified Subaru Wrx Sti

Piper Motorsport has been in charge of manufacturing an ad-hoc intake and hiding a large part of the components, giving the engine compartment a clean and aseptic look. Cobb Tuning – another top-notch firm – has been tasked with fine-tuning the car’s electronics, with various power maps that Alex can control from the driver’s seat.

Of course, suspensions and brakes have also been updated. While the brakes are brand new Stoptech with four-piston calipers and the coil overs courtesy of Tein, many suspension and subframe parts have been created exclusively for this car.

The result of all this is an unique Subaru Wrx Sti, in which more than $ 250,000 has been invested. It is a show car that is used every weekend, winner of multitudes of awards, and an ideal wheeled advertisement for the Witkin business. And you, would you have spent a fortune on such a car if you had the chance?