Nissan Qashqai 2021: 5 Things it’s Going to be Better and One Worse at

Nissan proudly wears many things. But one of them is, without a doubt, has been a pioneer in having opened the gap for SUVs in their compact and crossover format. And for that reason, one of the most important launches for them and the market, in general, will soon be the Nissan Qashqai 2021. Here are five things in which it will be better and one worse

Yes, we are among the few who have already seen, touched, and analyzed the new Nissan Qashqai in static, only that the brand has allowed us to do so in exchange for not yet revealing all the details. But this information is most useful, for example, to certify a lot of things that its creators had anticipated a few weeks ago and that, for now, we had to believe blindly. And yet now, we ratify.

1.Very recognizable design

As you can imagine, if something works so well after 13 years since its launch, do you think they are going to do something very groundbreaking and that is not recognizable to the naked eye by everyone?

It would not make much sense, although the brand has more than demonstrated that when it wants to create something truly disruptive, it is perfectly capable of doing it and giving it a personality of its own. And if you look at the current Qashqai, the one from the second generation, which was an evolution of the first and was an improvement at all levels without losing its benefits, because you can imagine where the shots go. 

However, take a look at the opening image of this post and you will get a rough idea of ​​the rest (which we will show you). It looks good, right? But don’t expect a Nissan Juke or a Nissan X-Trail!

2.Same proportions 

As Nissan’s flagship (and not because it is the most expensive model, but its crown jewel), the new Qashqai has the privilege of debuting the new CMF-C platform of the Alliance formed by  Renault, Nissan, and Mitsubishi, but it will do it with basically the same proportions. 

This allows it to be a true crossover, designed to navigate the city daily, but fully meet the needs of a family consisting of two, three, or four people, without this penalizing them at all when making a trip. 

3.More habitability 

However, the few millimeters that it grows in battle, in length and width – we will give you more details – make the promised habitability authentic to unsuspected limits. And this will silence many criticisms that traditionally were primed with this model, especially in the rear half – and whoever measures 1.90 m tells you so, he has already been able to sit in all the seats and open the trunk, although he can not give you more information, for now. 

4.More quality 

The same happens with the quality of materials used and with the perceived one. Nissan already made public that, in the  Nissan Qashqai 2021, this aspect would be among the five things in which it will be better. And believe it … 

And it must not have been easy for the engineers and designers, because both the components and the finishes were already at a considerable height, especially, about other competitors. Also, shortly we will tell you some tricks and details that have been introduced to improve the user experience and comfort in general, to continue to add to their already good data regarding a vital concept in this type of models and all: customer satisfaction, to repeat. 

5.’Democratized’ technology and security

Since we chatted with the people of Nissan about their launches -and it is now more than 15 years-, there is something that has been repeated all this time: their determination to ‘democratize’ as much as possible the technological advances in the most generalist cars and from the most basic finishes. 

Well, in this also they will remain tremendously faithful to their philosophy and you will understand us better when we can reveal all the still-secret information that we already have. Yes, we can anticipate that there will be a very considerable advance in the ProPilot driver assistance system, since in addition to helping you stay in your lane, it will be active, so it will work in coordination with the traffic sign recognition systems, the control of variable speed cruise …

Nissan Qashqai 2021
Nissan Qashqai 2021

Not to mention all that active and passive safety equipment – automatic emergency braking, parking aids – that you will not lose either and that, on the contrary, will be available as standard from the range access finishes. Connectivity and infotainment will also be part of its strongest points. And up to there, we can ‘read’ … 

Nissan Qashqai 2021 The e-Power will wait

However, as nothing is perfect, although we have to bite our nails less than the rest of the mortals because we have already seen and tasted the model in static -which we are looking forward to driving- the truth is that of the Nissan Qashqai 2021 and said the five things in which it will be better, there is one worse: that the e-Power will be waiting and will not have 4×4 traction

Nissan promises to surprise locals and strangers with its new electrification concept throughout the Qashqai range, but what looks good is the e-Power motorization, with a gasoline block and an electric block, which will be the one that moves the wheels. For this reason, it will not be a conventional hybrid or a plug-in hybrid (PHEV), but it promises very interesting values ​​that we will already specify and taste with all the laws. 

However, to be able to choose it, we will have to wait around 12 months after the launch of the new compact SUV at hand. The good news is that this delay responds to the intention of the brand to redouble its efforts to better adapt to European tastes and needs, in order not to detract from the philosophy that this third generation of Nissan Qashqai will once again be a best seller “by and for” our market.


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