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Opel Corsa 2021: All The Details and Photos

The Opel Corsa 2021 represents one of the most successful models for the manufacturer. Vauxhall Corsa will be launched in the UK as 2021. The new Corsa is the sixth generation of a legendary model in Opel history. The first generation saw the light back in 1982 and, during all this time, millions of units have been commercialized around the world.

A design under the baton of PSA

The sixth generation of the Corsa has been designed entirely under the leadership of the PSA Group after the acquisition of Opel in 2017. It is the first model designed entirely with the company being part of the French business group, so it is based on the same CMP (Common Modular Platform) platform that also supports the new Peugeot 208 2021.

The dimensions of the 2019 Opel Corsa 2021 have increased, specifically it is 60 mm longer than its predecessor to reach a length of 4,060 mm, a width of 1,765 mm, and a height of 1,435 mm, all on a platform with a 2,538 mm wheelbase. The trunk now has a volumetric capacity of 309 liters. Lastly, the new Corsa is also lighter than before, weighing 980 kg for the lighter version.

A renewed and modern image

On an aesthetic level, the new Opel Corsa 2021 is new. The front stands out mainly for its IntelliLux LED matrix lighting system, a technology that, thanks to the Corsa F, makes its debut in the B-segment. These are accompanied by a narrow grille with the Opel logo in the center flanked by two horizontal bars. , a bumper with a large central air intake and two sections at each end to house the fog lights.

Opel Corsa 2021
Opel Corsa 2021

From the side, we can see marked wheel arches and two lines of expression, one on the door handles and another in the lower section of the same. The roof has a certain downward slope that begins towards the middle of the roof and ends in a spoiler. Among its different color combinations available, there is a contrasting roof option that enhances that floating effect so demanded by buyers.

Finally, the rear is made up of a slightly sloping rear window, horizontal LED headlights, the brand’s logo in the center as on the Opel Astra 2021, and a sporty bumper with a rear diffuser and two visible tailpipes. Different exterior colors and alloy wheel designs are offered.

An interior packed with technology

The interior of the 2021 Opel Corsa also adopts many features of the base design of the new 208, although with some elements of the manufacturer of the beam. We find a wide dashboard featuring a touch screen that can be 7 or 10 inches, depending on the version, the climate control controls, and, further down, the gear lever in the manual versions and a gear selector inherited from Peugeot in versions with automatic transmission.

An optional digital instrument cluster, different trim and trim options for the dash and door panels, and various upholstery options for the seats and door panels have also been chosen. 

A wide range of engines

On a mechanical level, the new Opel Corsa 2021 F is available in different options that include diesel, gasoline, and even a fully electric version. The gasoline units available are the 1.2-liter naturally aspirated three-cylinder and 75 hp, as well as the 1.2-liter turbo three-cylinder with 100 and 130 hp of power.

The diesel versions are the 1.5 four-cylinder and 100 hp. You can choose between a five or six-speed manual gearbox, depending on the mechanics selected, or an eight-speed automatic gearbox. All these configurations send the power exclusively to the front end. As for the sports versions Opel Corsa GSi and Opel Corsa OPC, details are not known at the moment.

Opel Corsa-e, the first fully electric Corsa

The main novelty of the sixth generation of the Opel Corsa is found in the first fully electric version of the utility model. It is called Opel Corsa-e and shares characteristics with the Peugeot e-208. Under the hood of the electric Opel Corsa, we find a 136 hp engine powered by a 50 kWh lithium-ion battery that provides enough juice to travel 330 kilometers on a single charge, according to the new WLTP homologation cycle.

Opel Corsa 2021
Opel Corsa 2021

Among its technical characteristics we also find acceleration from zero to 100 km / h in 8.1 seconds, a maximum speed of 150 km / h, and a combined consumption (WLTP) of 17 kWh at 100 km. On an aesthetic level, the Corsa-e hardly differs from its thermal engine siblings due to a specific tire design, the absence of exhaust outlets, the new logos, and an interior where the instrument panel and the infotainment system show graph and data related to the new powertrain.

Technology, connectivity, and security systems

The new Corsa 2019 is also a completely technological, connected, and safe car. Its available technology includes elements such as the new Opel Connect telematics service, with help functions, navigation with real-time traffic information, direct connection to roadside assistance, and emergency calls.

In addition to the aforementioned IntelliLux LED matrix lighting system, the Opel Corsa debuts new radar-based driving assistance and safety systems, such as traffic sign recognition, adaptive cruise control, and controlled side assist. Lane Keeping Assist also makes its debut in the Corsa which, together with Blind Spot Assist and various other driver assistance systems, contribute to enhancing the active safety of the German utility vehicle.

Finishes and equipment

The new Corsa is available in four different trim levels. The first of these is the Base finish, whose equipment includes the automatic emergency brake in the city, the driver’s fatigue alert, the trajectory correction assistant, and the cruise control with intelligent speed limiter, among others.

One step higher we have the Corsa Edition, with a 5-inch infotainment system with touch screen, air conditioning, lane-keep alert, forward collision alert, emergency braking system with pedestrian detection, traffic sign recognition, and cruise control with a limiter.

The Opel Corsa GS Line is the next choice in the trim range, with 16-inch alloy wheels, sport bumpers, 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system, digital radio, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, LED headlights, and LED fog lights.

Finally, the Corsa Elegance is the most complete option, with 16-inch alloy wheels, rain and light sensors, mixed upholstery and chrome details on the exterior, 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system, digital radio, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, LED headlights, and LED fog lights.

In the case of the Opel Corsa-e, the trim line begins with the Edition, which includes a 7.4 kW single-phase on-board charger, 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system, digital radio, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, Opel Connect, rain sensors and lights, climate control, and electric parking brake. The Corsa-e Selection shares the same featured equipment items.

Finally, the Opel Corsa-e Elegance offers the 7.4 kW single-phase on-board charger, 16-inch alloy wheels, Digital Dashboard with 7-inch color driver information center, ECO LED headlights, LED taillights, flat-base steering wheel in a three-spoke design, rear power windows, and mixed Comfort seats.

Opel Corsa price

  • Opel Corsa 1.2 75 CV Edition: 12,186 euros
  • Opel Corsa 1.2T 100 CV Edition: 14,009 euros
  • Opel Corsa 1.2 75 CV Elegance: 14,025 euros
  • Opel Corsa 1.2T 100 CV GS Line: 15,325 euros
  • Opel Corsa 1.2T 100 CV Elegance: 15,425 euros
  • Opel Corsa 1.5D 100 CV Edition: 15,909 euros
  • Opel Corsa 1.5D 100 CV GS Line: 17,225 euros
  • Opel Corsa 1.5D 100 CV Elegance: 17,325 euros
  • Opel Corsa 1.2T 100 CV AT8 Elegance: 17,525 euros
  • Opel Corsa 1.2T 130 CV AT8 GS Line: 18,125 euros
  • Opel Corsa-e Selection: 28,690 euros
  • Opel Corsa-e Edition: 29,640 euros
  • Opel Corsa-e Elegance: 30,935 euros

Opel Corsa second hand

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a used Opel Corsa, the second-hand market offers you the opportunity to acquire a unit of the previous generation (5th generation) from around 4,000 euros, regardless of the mileage or the year of registration. Meanwhile, if you prefer a 0 km Opel Corsa, you can have it from about 11,500 euros onwards. 

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