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Kia K900 2022: essa pode ser a aparência

During these days some spy photos were revealed, it is the Kia K900 2022. Thus, these images showed the new features of the executive sedan.

current Kia K900, sold in the domestic market under the name “K9” arrived in 2018. This vehicle does not boast a large sales volume, for example, in 2019 only 240 units were sold in the United States, while in the Russian market they recorded 167 in 10 months last year.

That said, the company aims to fix this difficulty with the help of restyling. Now, camouflage evidence is increasingly photographed, but its front part continues to be hidden under a thick layer of film.

Thus, this vehicle will have important changes in its front. Now, the Kolesa designers decided to make an illustration of what the future Kia K900 2022 would look like.

Kia K900 Exterior

Kia K900 2022

Now, the designers represented the model with a more pronounced radiator grille and more complex headlights. On the other hand, in its rear part, it will have a new optic, which will have lamps with a different LED filling and a narrow light strip that will join them.

Also, the license plate will move to the rear bumper. It is worth mentioning that this new model will have more details in common with its brother, the Genesis G90, which has also received several important changes. 

Similarly, the vehicle will include tailpipes, which will be slightly larger and have a slightly modified shape. It is important to mention that the designers took into account the new Kia logo to make the illustration.

K900 2022 Engine

On the other hand, there is still no information on changes at a mechanical level. However, there is the possibility that the vehicle maintains the current sistema of the family, this is a pair of six-cylinder engines of 3.3 and 3.8 liters, as well as a five-liter naturally aspirated V8 with a capacity of 413 and 425 hp, depending on the market.

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