Renault Kangoo 2021: Style of the car will change completely

Renault has presented the new Renault Kangoo 2021, a van that comes with the usual Van versions, designed for professionals, and Combi for more idle use. And, of course, it will also have a fully electric version.

Renault has presented the new Renault Kangoo 2021, its flagship van, of which it has sold more than 4 million units since its launch in 1997. The third generation now comes with a much more modern design, completely redesigned both outside and inside, Van and Combi versions, 3 or 5-door bodywork, and a fully electric version.

The new Renault Kangoo is completely renewed compared to the previous generation, and now sports a much more modern and attractive design and with more presence. The new Kangoo has more pronounced shoulders, with a well-sculpted side waist. The front is now more vertical and sports LED headlights that “merge” with the grille, which has a chrome finish.

Between the passenger version and the professional one, we find some aesthetic differences, beyond the purely practical ones. The Renault Kangoo Van makes greater use of the black plastic trim on the front and rear bumpers, the lower area of ​​the side of the doors, and the guide rail of the side sliding door. On the Kangoo Combi, these elements are painted in body color, and the fog lamp trim and front grille feature chrome trim inserts.

At first glance, the interior gains entirely in perceived quality. Elements of the new Renault models are adopted, such as the newly designed steering wheel, gear lever, air conditioning rotary controls, or the central touch screen of the new Easy Link multimedia system. The seats have also been redesigned to offer greater comfort and durability in intensive use (especially with professionals in mind) and, as a practical vehicle, it boasts a multitude of spaces to store objects scattered throughout the cabin.

Renault Kangoo 2021
Renault Kangoo 2021

And since we talk about practicality, it is worth highlighting two innovative solutions that the new Renault Kangoo incorporates. On the one hand, the  Easy Side Access system, which eliminates the central pillar to offer wider lateral access (1416 mm) and allows loading / unloading the goods more easily. It also launches a system called  Easy Inside Rack, a removable interior rack that allows long and bulky objects to be transported at a height up to above the passenger seat, thus freeing up space on the floor.

Various lengths, 3- and 5-door bodies, and a fully electric version

The new Renault Kangoo Van will be sold with different bodies, lengths, and engines to suit each professional use. The Van version will be available in two lengths: the payload volume ranges from 3.3 to 3.9 m³ in the standard version, and from 4.2 to 4.9 m³ in the long version. 

On the other hand, the Kangoo Combi passenger will only be available with the long body to offer five seats, in addition to generous cargo space. This version offers more possibilities in terms of comfort equipment, technology, and driving aids.

The new assistants include a new digital interior rearview mirror for better rear visibility (especially useful in the Van with a rear panel), the stability control for the trailer, and the autonomous emergency braking system with detection of pedestrians and cyclists.

In addition to gasoline and diesel mechanics, the new Kangoo 2021 will offer a fully electric version. The French firm has sold more than 50,000 units of the electric Kangoo ZE since its launch in 2011, and in this new generation, it was not going to be less.

At the moment, Renault has not announced the autonomy, power, or battery capacity figures of the new electric Kangoo, which is expected to improve the 230 km of autonomy of the current model. An electric Kangoo that, we recall, will share powertrain, technology, and platform with the upcoming Mercedes-Benz EQT. The new Kangoo will be launched on the market in May 2021.

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