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Seat Ibiza 2021: Facelift & New Photos

The mechanical range of the Seat Ibiza 2021 is renewed in depth. In fact, it says goodbye to the mythical acronym TDI, since it will not be possible to buy a diesel version. In addition, new changes arrive in gasoline propellants.

With a practically completely renewed range, one of the following models that SEAT already has in the pipeline to present in the second half of 2021 is the facelift of the Ibiza. One of the authentic sales pillars of the Spanish brand, which will adopt an aesthetic of its older brothers, an image that we show you in a preview.

The fifth generation of the SEAT Ibiza arrived on the market in 2017, with a very substantial change that seemed not to change the main forms, but that meant a significant improvement. The Spanish brand decided to keep the proportions of the fourth generation, has been a real success, but giving a completely new look.

SEAT Ibiza 2021

And there is no doubt that he succeeded, remaining very up to date four years later. But it will be four years old next spring and it is the right time for SEAT to implement a facelift that will allow it to face the second part of its life in the market with guarantees. Changes as subtle as those that we present to you in this recreation, a very faithful preview of the model that we will see in the second half of 2021, sold as a 2022 model.

Seat is not going to spend a fortune on the facelift of the Ibiza 2021

The utility will adopt the new brand identity of the Tarraco, Ateca and followed by the new Leon, maintaining the general shape of the headlights, but changing the light signature of the LED daytime running lights, adopting a narrower design that runs along all the internal edges. of the optical groups. Through the middle, the grill will also change from an inverted trapezoid to a hexagon with sharp three-dimensional edges.

Some changes that will also reach the bumper will change the shape of the housing of the fog lamps. New designs of alloy wheels and new exterior colors, together with a slight revision of the rear light clusters will be the aesthetic improvements of the Ibiza 2021. Inside the graphical interface of the touch screen of the infotainment system will also be improved, also adding more connectivity services and security assistants.

On the mechanical level, the Ibiza will also offer a thorough review, achieving greater efficiency in both the gasoline and diesel versions. Especially in this fuel, the Spanish firm will abandon the block of 1.6-liter TDI and 95 hp currently for sale. In gasoline, the offer will be increased with the 1.5-liter TSI of 130 hp. The natural gas version, sold as TGI, will remain unchanged in power.

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