Skoda Enyaq: Positive First Impressions

The Skoda Enyaq arrives with the vitola of being the first large commercial electric vehicle of the Czech brand. It will still take a few months to reach the dealerships, but we have already had the opportunity to meet it, although only in a static way.

The Skoda Enyaq arrives with the vitola of being the first large commercial electric vehicle of the Czech brand. It will still take a few months

The electric revolution has reached the Volkswagen Group family. The European conglomerate starts a new stage, the most complicated and radical stage it has experienced in its long years in the industry. All brands are launching their first electric models. The Skoda Enyaq is the solution that comes from the Czech Republic, a large 100% battery-powered SUV that promises to become a benchmark in its segment.

Unveiled in early September 2020, the electric SUV borrows its name from the traditional Irish alphabet. The word Enya, which means “source of life”, is accompanied by the traditional letter q that accompanies all SUVs in the house; Skoda Kamiq, Skoda Karoq, and Skoda Kodiaq.

Like these, the Enyaq is a clear product of the house. In images, it is a very striking car, but in person, it earns even more. Its proportions are not at all discreet: 4.66 meters long, 1.88 meters wide, and 1.62 meters high. These external dimensions lead us to dimensions very similar to those of a Kodiaq, although in this case, it is not possible to have a third row of seats hidden under the floor of the trunk.

Such is the change of course that the arrival of the Skoda Enyaq supposes that, unlike the traditional range of the house, the electric SUV always presents the same appearance. That is to say, externally there will be no visible differences between more or less equipped versions. Only the V RS version will have the odd distinctive touch, such as specifically designed wheels and emblems. But in general, the appearance will always be very similar.

Skoda Enyaq Equipment

However, the interior can be changed with five different levels. Skoda insists on levels of customization, but the reality is that they are different trim levels: Loft, Lodge, Lounge, EcoSuite, and Suite. The difference between the first, the least equipped, and the last, the most equipped, is barely 1,850 euros. Changes between one and the other affect materials, interior lights, upholstery, floor mats, and dashboard. It starts with fabric upholstery and ends with sustainable, synthetic leathers.

Skoda Enyaq

When it comes to equipment, and to facilitate commercial operation, reduce production costs and simplify the process, there will no longer be a long list of optional elements to avail of. For the occasion, Skoda has decided to bring together many of these elements in packages. Packages that will have an M and an XL version with expanded content and a higher price. Serve as examples: Comfort Pack M or XL or Family Pack M or XL.

S notes that the Czechs want the Enyaq to become their new flagship. The showiness they have given it is very high, not only on the outside. In terms of equipment, the SUV can show off the latest and most advanced elements of the house. The specific instrument panel, multimedia system with touch panel between 10 and 13 inches, LED matrix headlights, Head-Up Display with augmented reality, three-zone climate control, illuminated main grille, and much more.

Also noteworthy is a complete team of driving aids and assistants. From simple gadgets that make life easier like the rear camera, to much more advanced ones. Among all of them, it is worth mentioning that the Enyaq will be able to move remotely. Either learning a predetermined route in the home car park or moving forward or backward with the help of a mobile application.

Skoda Enyaq

The entire commercial offer revolves around the various existing mechanical options. The Skoda Enyaq enjoys the MEB platform of the Volkswagen Group. A structure especially aimed at electric models and that the Volkswagen ID.3 has recently released, and that will also carry its most direct rival, the Volkswagen ID.4. But unlike the German, and given the larger size and different approach of the Czech, the Enyaq can enjoy a wider range of possible solutions, both in batteries and motors.

Four battery levels form the cornerstone of the range. Some versions come with a single motor, located on the rear axle, and other versions with a dual motor, one motor on each axle. These scaled versions of the battery also give access to a greater or lesser load of basic equipment, in addition to, as already mentioned, a different performance, more or less power, and also more or less autonomy.

First impressions

As I said, Enyaq wins live. As soon as you see it, the detail of the illuminated grill draws attention. I’ve been wanting to see it in the dark of night because the effect can be really attractive. It is an optional element for an approximate value of 750 euros, but it will be a very powerful claim for those who want to customize their electric car to the maximum. Another thing will be when the grill suffers a setback such as a collision or the impact of a stone.

It looks like a bigger SUV than it is. 4.66 meters long is not very long by modern standards. We are talking about a D-segment model. Another thing is that we want to call it an SUV, because, although its shape may seem so, the reality is that it is more of a crossover. Its free height from the ground is quite limited. His life will not take him far from the asphalt, that’s for sure, but I’ll comment on it just in case anyone had any doubts.

For me, the best of Enyaq is exhibited inside. The exterior I like, but the interior makes it even more. A few days ago I had the opportunity to test the Volkswagen ID.3, and one of the aspects that I liked the least was the quality issue. I knew that Skoda would not play that trick as it is a superior model, and it is. Inside the car, a very good feeling is transmitted in terms of materials and finishes, although I must admit that the exposed unit incorporated some of the highest interior finishes in the range.

The touch of the materials is very good. The upper part of the dashboard is made of a soft material. The front of it has a finish that changes depending on the level selected. In the access levels it will have fabric and in the higher ones with synthetic leather. The presence of plastic is not excessive, and always in unusual areas to be touched. What I liked the least is the presence of the Piano Black, although I also admit that it is a small amount.

Sitting behind the wheel everything is where it should. The 5.3-inch instrument panel is the same as that of the ID.3, but with a somewhat more traditional presentation embedded in the dashboard itself. The steering wheel is the same that is mounted on a new Skoda Octavia, and what is most striking is the huge screen of the multimedia system, in this case, it was 13 inches. A size that is beginning to seem excessive.

We have already spoken on more than one occasion about it. Technology must always be at the service of the user, never pose a danger or a problem. Such is the number of integrated services and systems that management has become difficult. The software is not intuitive and each operation requires an excessive number of clicks on the screen. When stopping is not a problem, but in motion, in real traffic conditions, it can become a safety burden.

Luckily, quick access buttons have been introduced to the most common functions, but even so, the operations must be finished on the screen, with the usual diversion of attention from the road. The physical buttons won’t be as flashy, but they are much more functional. For the record, this problem is not only Skoda, it is a disease that begins to appear in many more models on the market. Many of them electric.

Changing the third, and entering more fully in the section of habitability, as expected in Skoda, offers large interior space for all occupants. The Enyaq’s wheelbase is similar to that of the Kodiaq. That means that rear-seat travelers will have plenty of head and legroom for themselves. The central plaza will have the advantage of a completely flat floor, although both the backrest and the base are hard.

As far as cargo space is concerned, thanks to the arrangement of elements in the rear, the Enyaq hardly suffers a considerable loss of luggage compartment. 585 liters of minimum capacity is announced, expandable to 1,710 liters when the rear row of seats is folded completely in its 60:40 ratio. A small double bottom serves to store the charging cables, and as I have already said, there is no option to include three rows of seats.

To conclude, it must be recognized that the price of electrical technology is high. In the present case, the Skoda Enyaq has a starting price of 39,000 euros, without offers or promotions. This value corresponds to an Enyaq 60 iV with 180 horses and 390 kilometers of autonomy. In addition to this starting price, the price of the version with greater autonomy has been communicated. The 80 iV will have a starting price of 45,000 euros, once again without offers, promotions, or possible state aid for the purchase.


Little by little, the electricity market is gaining prominence in brands and the market. They still have a long way to go, but the mark is already remaining. The Skoda Enyaq looks as good in pictures as it is live. Skoda has created a crossover that is very attractive to look at. The interior presents good quality, and above all, it offers a lot of equipment and habitability. Its mechanical range is correct, although prices are still too high. But in the end that is not the fault only of the car or the brand.

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