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Tesla Model 2: How Will it Look? What’s new ?

What will Tesla Model 2 look like? The new access model of the American firm will be a reality sooner than we thought. Although we are not talking about one model as such, about a small range made up of several models of different types that will be manufactured outside the United States, in Germany, and in China. This is all we know about the new small models from Tesla.

The heads of the American firm have been pointing to the possibility of launching a new model of access to the range for several years. Although they have never detailed the configuration or possible specifications of this model, it has always been assumed that it would be a compact hatchback, that is, an integrated model in the European C segment. All the recreations we have seen so far of this hypothetical access model show us a Tesla Model 3 cut out, without the small rear volume of the trunk.

Although both Elon Musk and other company spokesmen have spoken about this new product line on several occasions in recent years, the truth is that during this time the media have continued to point out the same concept when we talk about this future model. However, after the latest statements and above all, the latest movements of the company in this regard, new reports have appeared that have shed some light on this new product line. And it won’t be exactly how we thought.

Tesla Model 2
Tesla Model 2

In recent months we have heard statements from company officials about this new access model, stating that it would be aimed above all at reducing the price of the range and creating a new level of access, aimed above all at international markets, that is, Europe and Asia / Oceania. The latter case pointing directly to China, since it is the largest market in that region.

Tesla now has new plans and a renewed infrastructure in those markets. The Shanghai factory is already operational and assembling copies of the Tesla Model 3, which has led to this model becoming the best-selling electric vehicle in China in recent months. In parallel, the American firm has begun the construction of a similar factory in Berlin, Germany, whose production would serve, above all, to supply the European market more efficiently and economically.

At the moment these new facilities will be used to assemble the company’s existing models, although there are already plans for these plants to be the basis for new products. As is the case in Shanghai, where the manufacturer is creating a new Research and Development center for which they have already published numerous job offers and which included the sketch of a new compact-size model, which has been interpreted as the first teaser of the model.

What will the new inexpensive Tesla look like?

According to the latest reports, which appeared after the announcement of the creation of the new R&D center in China and the latest statements by Elon Musk, the new model will be two. Well, in the same way, that all Tesla product lines have so far had two body variants, sedan, and crossover, the new access step will also follow this structure and will be a range consisting of two body variants marketed as two models. separated. In the style of the Model S / Model X and Model 3 / Model Y.

So we are going to find a conventional body hatchback, like any other compact 5-door vehicle, which will serve as a rival to the new Volkswagen ID.3. While on the other hand, we are going to find a model with a crossover body, probably using the same platform and mechanical organs as the hatchback. If we had to bet, we would do so on a trimmed derivative of the Model 3 / Model Y platform. According to these same reports, the new electric hatchback will be manufactured at the new plant in Berlin, which makes perfect sense given that the main consumers of conventional hatchback models are Europeans. While the compact crossover will be manufactured at the Shanghai plant, although the latter will be a model marketed globally, in all markets where the Californian company is present.

At the moment nobody knows what these new Tesla models will look like. Likely, even the company’s managers are not clear about it, since we are talking about models that are several years away from being presented and that are probably still in the early stages of their conception. If the company has started its development, something that at the moment no one related to Tesla has come to confirm, even though the executives of this brand love to announce their models years in advance.

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