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Tesla model 3 (2021)

The most beautiful photos of the Tesla Model 3 and range comparison

The Tesla Model 3 is an American four-door saloon car with rear or four-wheel drive, seating for five people and with a large touchscreen inside.

The Tesla Model 3 is roughly the identical size as a BMW 3 Series and there are currently three versions to settle on: an entry-level model called the Sandard Plus, an extended range version called Long Range designed to maximize distances between charges, and a range Performance that promises Porsche 911 acceleration.

Standard Plus Rear-Wheel

Acceleration: 5.3s 0-60 mph
Range: 263miles (EPA est.)
Top Speed: 140mph
18″ Aero Wheels / 19″ Sport Wheels
Included: Partial Premium Interior

Long Range Dual Motor

Acceleration: 4.2s 0-60 mph
Range: 353miles (EPA est.)
Top Speed: 145mph
18″ Aero Wheels / 19″ Sport Wheels
Included: Premium Interior

Performance Dual Motor

Acceleration:  3.1s 0-60 mph
Range: 315miles (EPA est.)
Top Speed: 162mph
Wheels: 20” Überturbine Wheels
Included: Premium Interior

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