Toyota Land Cruiser 2021: Can be canceled for N.America

An anonymous source close to the brand’s commercial network in that market assures that Toyota plans to eliminate the Land Cruiser from its North American catalog. The iconic Japanese SUV will disappear from North America after the 2021 model, although its Lexus variant will remain available.

Bad news for fans of the North American 4×4 world, as one of the most legendary models in the pure off-road segment, seems to be about to disappear from that market. According to a recent report, the Toyota Land Cruiser will have no successor in brand name dealerships in North America beginning with the 2021 model.

This report comes from an anonymous source but very close to Toyota’s commercial network in that market, who ensures that the decision has already been made, so it is not a possible measure that is under study. After the current 2021 model, the iconic SUV of the Japanese brand will disappear from the brand’s dealerships in this region. This includes the markets of Mexico, the United States, and Canada.

Toyota Land Cruiser 2021

It should be noted that when we talk about the Toyota Land Cruiser (just) outside the European market, we are talking about the larger variant of the model, which until a few years ago was marketed in Europe as the Land Cruiser 200, the only variant of the Japanese model that has had V8 engines. The conventional Land Cruiser that we know in Europe is called Land Cruiser Prado in other markets, but for some reason, the Japanese firm decided many years ago not to use those names in the old continent.

Available USA

Toyota Land Cruiser 2021

Although the truth is that this news takes us a bit by surprise, given the historical importance of the Land Cruiser in that market, since it was one of the first Toyota models exported to the US, the truth is that if this information is true, this measure it would make a lot of sense. Well, Toyota has a wide range of SUVs and SUVs in that market and in some cases, some have positions that are too close.

Toyota Land Cruiser 2021

The Toyota Land Cruiser shares space in North American dealerships with models such as the Toyota 4Runner, another pure off-road vehicle similar in size to the Land Cruiser, 4,859 mm compared to 4,990 mm, although with a somewhat more radical and sporty positioning, while the Land Cruiser has with clearly more cared and luxurious equipment and finishes. The disappearance of the Land Cruiser would leave a small gap between the aforementioned 4Runner and the Toyota Sequoia, which can surely be covered with new versions of both models.

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